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How to make maps out of #OLAP #MDX queries with #GeoServer

The usage of additional geograph fields and export these fields through the OLAP data queries engine to an external system have a huge impact on the performance.

We choose to make the translation with the help of an additional local cached file on the GeoServer side. This gives a huge performance boost and has the additional benefit that any OLAP system can be used as long as a XMLA interface is available.

The implemented solution works with about 80 M records kept in the database and behaves as a standard WMS/WFS layer defined for GeoServer.

The following components have been used and tested with:
Postgres database with correctly defined OLAP starSchema 
Mondrian OLAP Server 
Saiku has been used to build the OLAP queries in a graphical way

On installation the following steps have to be executed on GeoServer:
Add the MDX jar and specialized hook to parse the provided Geo datasource files.
Add in a table of the Postgres database the queries that needs to be made available through GeoServer

On the Definition level:

Define an MDX Store with the correct Schema name and parameters in GeoServer
Define the Layers and use an SLD to give the right Coloring etc on the charts.

Supported functions:
Read Only access of the data
CQL can be used to filter
Detailed information of a feature can be queried

The result of the actions is that the MDX queries are made available as any other Vector Layer.

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