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Super happy...:)
Super happy...:)

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AdWords is going to miss you David! However I am sure Youtube is going to have great time with you on board... Good luck with new team..
After over eight years working for Google AdWords, I'm moving on.

I'm going to be Director of Engineering with Youtube VideoAds.

Yes, I'm still working for Google and I'll still be working in an ads engineering organization. So, it probably doesn't sound like a big shift. But it is. I'll be working with a completely new team and a completely different technology stack. It's very exciting, and also more than a little bit sad.

Very few endeavors in my life have been eight years long. College was just four years, so was high school. My longest job prior to Google was four years. Only my marriage and my upbringing with my parents have lasted longer than my commitment to Google AdWords.

I love the people I work with and I'm passionate about what we've done. I get to work with some astonishingly brilliant minds and hard-working individuals, while helping a company earn dozens of billions of dollars in an honest way. I get to be the guy that finds the bad actors trying to exploit this system and shut them down. I get to do that while growing the careers of an incredibly diverse group of men and women truly committed to excellence.

But there is a unique chance before me, one that probably won't come by again. I get to work in an environment that in some ways is very familiar and in many others is more foreign than anything I've done in my life. I get to learn completely new skills and bring to bear some of my well-honed strengths.

The immediate impression of Youtube is cat videos and other silly things. But I am passionate about Youtube being a significant repository of human culture. You don't have to look too hard to find some amazing content that is a valuable snapshot in time. I am excited about playing a role in further growing a successful business that supports and expands that mission.

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Priceline Rocks! Best travel it!

Seattle Maharashtra Mandal presents Holi on March 30th at Redmond!!

We welcome you all to enjoy a colorful and fun filled evening to celebrate Holi. 2 hr Musical Program highlighting the top singing talent from BMM SaReGaMa and many more to follow. Food- Puran Poli dinner is available for purchase online. See you all there!

Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center
16600 NE 80TH ST, Redmond, Washington 98052

Enrich your Holi memorieswith us by attending this event!!

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Falling in love with North-West!! Its so pretty............ :) Mercer Island rocks!
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