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Version 2.0.12 GA

- Attempting to fix landscape mode crash. Please report occurrences as we are not positive it's fixed for all phones.
- Add a period to the punctuation quick-input

Also, for the Free version:
- Ads turned off for this version. We're looking at alternative ways to doing it that are not so intrusive. They will be back, so if you have better ideas on how it should be done, let us know.

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We have deployed a version of IKE into beta: This one is experimenting with banner ads in the keyboard. It's not pretty, but it may be the only solution we have left in order to comply with Google rules.
We will be offering a way to turn them off in the future.

We have also fixed the two most requested issues to go along with this release.
Feedback is welcome.

To enable Beta testing, use this link:

BETA Version 2.0.09 GA
- Put ads back into the free keyboard.
- Fix for small letter size on keys.
- Partial fix for key pop-ups invisible. (not fully tested, report occurrences).
- Added user support options for Point Rocket.
- Enabled beta testing.

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Please take a moment to check out our survey on the tools you use. We are considering releasing some of our internal support tools to android developers in general and would like to know where to focus our efforts.

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