How do you get IT to approve a TMS?

It feels like tag management week for me... lots of questions about TMS and my blog post on data layers.

Someone recently asked me for some ideas on how to mitigate IT fears of Tag management. A very valid question. I'm sure the TMS vendors have some great info on their sites, so check them out.

You have to admit, the idea of a Tag Management System can be terrifying to an IT department. You're basically asking them to give non-IT people a way to circumvent all of the procedures they use to keep the website secure and running. Who would not be scared of that!

My suggestion here is to speak their language. Talk about process and how you intend to strictly control tagging. Make sure you have a way to QA all tag changes before pushing them out to production. Highlight any tag publishing security functionality that your TMS has. IT is all about process and controls. Apply that to tag management.

You might even invite their team to be part of TMS process, but not too involved, the goal is to save time :).

Have you had to convince IT to use a TMS? How did you do it?
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