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It's my BIRTHDAY today......YAY!!!! LOLz

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Nice :)

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WOW... 48 year old billionaire 'adopts' his 42 year old girlfriend... evidently to save his own butt from a few pending legal issues... hmmmmmm

Wow... today was 78 degrees here - in February. This can only mean one thing: either A.) Old Man Winter is on vacation this year, or B.) He's preparing for one hell of an ambush in the coming days... LOLz

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Friggin AWESOME!!! LOLz
Ok.. I guess I am just in a weird mood... and getting my geek on. While I was looking for new music I found this... and immediately LMAO.. so I had to share.

Now most know... I am a ROCKER, and by rule dont like rap... but DAMN this is funny....

+J.C. Kendall For you and +Lil Peck baby enjoy....

here are the lyrics

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The way 'weekends' is used in context.. nice.... very... nice.....

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