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Bianca Miller London
Bianca Miller London - Skin Tone Hosiery for All Women
Bianca Miller London - Skin Tone Hosiery for All Women


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My Nudest Press Release with Bianca Miller London

We are proud to announce that My Nudest now stock all of our 8 shades of the Bianca Miller London Tights and Hold Ups- from Mocha to Powder in three sizes! We feel that this partnership will be a great opportunity for us as much as them, and we look forward to see the progress we make together to ‘Redefine Nude’!

Bianca Miller London is a new hosiery brand which has been created to redefine ‘nude’ by catering to women of all complexions, our range of nude tones have been carefully selected to satisfy complexions ranging from English Rose to Sub-Saharan African.
The colours have been carefully developed based on extensive research to adequately cover an array of skin tones, the density of the material means it would suit over 45 skin tones.

Creating a solution for all women.

Nude. Redefined.

My Nudest’s Mission

“To redefine the colour nude in fashion to match the full range of diversity in women's skin, because women come in a wide range of beautiful skin tones; they all deserve products that match their unique hue and meet their needs.”

The Nudest Team

“We were founded at Harvard Business School by graduates Atima Lui and Nancy Madrid, who fundamentally believe all women deserve to feel beautiful in the skin they're in. Atima brings sales and marketing experience from Fortune 100 tech and retail companies. Nancy brings 8 years of operations and information systems expertise from the tech and banking industries.”

By Sarah Skinner
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Big thank you to SME Insider for featuring us and of course a big thank you to everyone that has supported Bianca Miller London from the beginning.
Have a read to find out how Bianca Miller turned her dream into a reality!
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Thank you Management Today for this great article. Have a read to find out just how we are redefining nude hosiery!
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       ***Nude Within Other Companies and How it has Changed***

‘Nude’ has been the default word that the Oxford dictionary defines as ‘a pinkish-beige colour’ which are more situated towards Caucasian skin tones. And in recent attempts to redefine the term, companies and entrepreneurs have become inspired to create products and showcase campaigns situated with redefining the conventional stereotype the colour ‘Nude’ is associated with.

The reason behind it all is to empower women who have faced the challenge of finding ‘Nude’ products to match their skin-tone. This stems from reviews and feedback from frustrations women who shop on the high street have faced.

Despite the reality that women either side of the spectrum have the same needs as all women, when it comes to product like lingerie and hosiery the industry just doesn’t cater to women of colour, and if it did then women would feel more empowered, confident, and comfortable in their own skin.

Why hasn’t it been thought of sooner?
Designers are encouraged to produce what will appeal to their average customer. And often minority demographics aren’t taken into consideration. But if they are taken into consideration like Christian Louboutin with their ‘Les Nudes’ collection, it establishes that the demand is there!

Industry leadership suggests that buyers know what sells for them, and don’t think about using nude products to match skin-tone complexions. It’s not their fault, it’s their reality. Furthermore, mainstream fashion’s current definition of Nude isn’t about certain demographics being unable to buy products to match skin-tone complexions.

Therefore, by expanding the industry’s conception of nude, these companies convey the message that it is valuable to recognize, and cater to the target demographic of women of colour.

Most designers showcase their fashion ideas by creating products for who they think it’ll suit. Once a product gains enough popularity, it is re-created for “missing demographics”. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time before these concepts become more accessible at a cheaper price; through “fast fashion” i.e. entrepreneurs are inspired to create products that cater to women of colour in this case, as they aren’t already being catered to amongst high street retailers like other target demographic groups.

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                 ***How To Look After Your Nude Tights***

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up on a cold winter morning, put on your tights that you’ve only worn a couple of times to discover a ladder in them? Oh, and when you are in need of a replacement, find out that they are discontinued? So annoying!
Don’t worry we will not be discontinuing your favourite colour but we want to ensure you know how to maintain your special tights…
Your tights are doing their job/have done their job so it’s only fair that you do yours by looking after them.
What we want is for your hosiery to last as long as possible so in response to our aim, here is a list of useful hosiery care tips:

1.      Washing hosiery: When cleaning your tights it is essential to hand wash them. Our recommendation is to soak them with some detergent and warm water then lay them flat to dry. Alternatively, if you are washing them in a machine, wash them on a cool wash, in a protective wash bag. Please ensure there aren’t other items in the washing machine that may run or affect the colour of the hosiery. It is also recommended that you allow your hosiery to air dry, or dry them away from direct heat, and never iron them!

2.      Sharp objects: This is easier said than done, but try to keep your hosiery away from sharp objects and edges. Try to keep rings, sharp nails, drawer corners, Velcro etc. away from your hosiery!

3.      Fold your tights: Fold them in thirds and place them in your drawer, this will help your tights last longer as opposed to scrunching them up into a ball.

4.      Sit down and roll one down at a time: Yes, our mothers taught us how to put them on when we were younger, but the same precaution ought to be considered to maintain them when taking them off.

5.      Quality hosiery does matter: We aren’t saying you should avoid buying a pair of cheaper high street tights, but do keep in mind tights with Lycra and higher quality fibres will last longer. Hence why we love us some Bianca Miller London hosiery!

6.      Read the label:  Make sure your tights are made of a sturdy material like Nylon or Lycra, to ensure a strong hold but also elasticity.

7.      Wear the right size: Tights that are too small are more likely to create ladders if they are over-stretched.

8.      Watch your nails: How you care for your tights makes a big difference in how long they will last. So be sure to watch your nails on both your hands and feet as they should be groomed to a satisfactory standard. Your toe nails shouldn’t be jagged or sharp. Use a file to smooth them out. We know how it cam be after a long day but try to be as careful when taking your tights off as you were putting them on.
Final tip we heard on the grapevine..
Use a strong hold hairspray: After you’ve put your tights on, use a hairspray to strengthen the fibres; this adds extra binding to its threads, and will also prevent your skirts and dresses sticking to your thighs.

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                         ***How To Wear Nude Tights***

The world of Fashion and Nude Hosiery f shades that cater to the nude hues missing in the market. Skin tone shades that women previously found a challenge finding.
Nude tights matched with nude shoes lengthen the legs and are at the height of fashion within contemporary society. They have also recently been worn by celebrities including Kate Middleton, which has increased the popularity for their need in the market.
Sheer hosiery has been popular for decades amongst women wanting to have a bare leg appearance but have that finished polish to their outfit, many of whom have used sheer nude hosiery for their work-wear wardrobe.
However, in contemporary society, there is a high demand for nude tights to compliment a variety of outfits from work to eveningwear.  With various finishes and technologies now available women are encouraged to purchase more tights in their various forms, colours and textures.
For this Autumn-Winter season hosiery buyer for Debenhams, Joanna Townsend quotes “Nude hosiery is a woman’s weapon to fight against the onset of winter, when wearing black opaque tights is too depressing on a golden autumn day”. She agrees that black opaque tights don’t portray elegance.
Bianca Miller was inspired to create a hosiery brand that redefined nude thus making it accessible for all women – thus keeping ‘nude’ alive in modern fashion. When women go shopping for nude tights, they are on the look out for a product that truly matches and enhances their natural skin tone.
Gone are the days of ‘american tan’, its time to find a nude that matches you, naked.

Purchase your perfect match now at:

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