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Guest author Uday Mukerji pays tribute to those behind the scenes, helping writers for free.

Personally, I knew nothing about the book publishing industry until about a year ago. When I finally finished my novel after quitting my job in advertising, I had no idea what to do next. So, I looked for help at the same place I always did; I searched on…

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3 stars to @SeanBeaudoin's #WelcomeThieves, a gritty collection of short stories. #amreading

Beaudoin captures moments in time with a vividness that is unique; his style is (uncannily) poetically gritty. Blood, drugs, sex, death and an underlying rot fill the pages, and yet his choice of words verges on beautiful. It's like a car wreck that you…

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4 stars to Emmy, Golden Globe (and more) winner @NoahHawley's book, BEFORE THE FALL #amreading

In light of recent events over the past few years, this is a well-timed thriller. It always pays to connect with issues that are prevalent in people's minds - the missing Malaysian flight MH-370, Metrojet 9268, and more. By connecting with these current…

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This is the most exciting book trailer I've ever seen. #AIR @Ryan_Gattis #booktrailer #YA

I recently posted about Ryan Gattis' new book, Air, and then I was sent this epic trailer. This is a book trailer like none you have seen before.

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4 stars to this heartbreaking metaphysical journey from @jgurley #amreading #specfic

Twin sisters Eleanor and Esme are tragically separated in a car accident, and their family tears itself apart. Years later, teenaged Eleanor finds herself painfully yanked from her own life into a cornfield in Iowa. Forced to grow up too fast, and the…

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An exquisite book about art, forgery, love and loss. 5 stars to @writerdominic. #amreading

One of the criteria by which I judge my enjoyment of a book is the degree to which I am able to be immersed in it. When the awareness of the words on the page falls away and I'm sucked into the world of the book, the thoughts of the characters, and forget…

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Apocalypse without the usual silliness; entertaining and exciting. #amreading @adrianwalker

Ed Hill is a flabby, reluctant father with a boring life, until hundreds of asteroids wipe out western civilisation as we know it. Separated from his family, he has to race across the UK to find them before they disappear forever. If he makes it that far,…

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To celebrate our hundredth post, here's a recap of the best of Literogo so far. #books #bestof

Ding! I just published my hundredth post. Here's a curated collection of my favourite reviews and guest posts so far, in no particular order.

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I couldn't put down @Writer_Yann's High Mountains of Portugal. Bravo! #amreading

he "high mountains" may not be very high or very mountainous but the highs and lows of this book had me laughing on one page and crying on the next, as Tomás drives a car for the first time, Eusebio hides from the truth of his life, and Peter gets used to…

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Chevalier's new book, #AtTheEdgeOfTheOrchard has a lot to live up to. #read @Tracy_Chevalier

Tracy Chevalier rocketed to historical fiction stardom with Girl With A Pearl Earring, which I absolutely loved. I also enjoyed The Lady and the Unicorn. So, when I received At The Edge of the Orchard, I went into it with high expectations.
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