I'm currently working on a web-app where you paste Haskell code and get the GHC Core for it back, and can then share that with a URL.

Here's how it looks for now. I'm downloading and installing the last few versions of GHC to support them all and will then publish the URL so that people will be able to test it and give some feedback. Hope some of you will find some use for this!
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This was up for a little while was it not?  I can not find the link currently.  I wanted to use it to show some core code on stackoverflow. I am looking forward to using it.

Actually the link had been published "behind my back". It wasn't (and still isn't, been really busy with more important things) really safe so I asked for the link to be removed from reddit until it is ready. Don't worry as soon as it is ready I'll let people know :-) hopefully really soon, I pretty much have only the isolation code and a few tiny features to implement before putting the app online for good.

Sorry for the (current) inconvenience
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