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What is your top tip for finding targeted people to join your G+ community?

What has been working for you? Hopefully we can all get something if we leave at least one tip each.

I will start with mine - an obvious one, ball call your community what it does on the tin with relevant keywords so you only get interested people joining.

I created one for UK businesses and investors and very keen to see it grow with the right members.

And yours...
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Thanks +Logan Frank , I think you are right and the important thing to add, is I don't want anybody joining unless they are interred in raising finance or investing in UK business or it is spam. The interesting thing would be how to find the interested people that I don't already know in other social network communities to join. Hmmm. 
+Simon Dixon (Ironically) the way we have found success in this community is through focus on questions like yours and the great conversations that develop as a result. People hear about how valuable it is and share it with other moderators. I'm quite happy that we are such a focused group!
I have a few different communities and went about finding members in different ways.

To find people to join my Oklahoma City community, I searched for those who live in the area and invited them.

I also run a community for those who run networks on Ning... And already had a circle for this group, so it was easy enough to add these people to the community.

For another community about foster care, I searched for people who posted about foster care.

I've also invited people from related groups that were less specialized... For example, I have a community for those who are writing autobiographies/memoirs. I noticed my community was the only one for that specific genre... So I went to other writing groups and invited people talking about memoirs, as well as those I could find in a general search about memoirs.

I have several communities but I think these are the ones that answer the question the best.
Wow. Seems like you have been busy hunting G+ +Janettee McCrary , seems like a lot of communities to manage. How do you fit it all in?
I'm always the most fulfilled when I'm overloaded, I guess, LOL!

I use my phone most of the time, so that helps. I can post while on my lunch break at work:)

Also my communities are also still relatively small. Not everyone has accepted (or denied) the invitation yet.

I plan to follow up with direct messages to make sure they know how to find their invites.
I'm glad I spent my first 6 months on G+ curating my circles by topic and area of interest, because now inviting by circle is a snap .. a few clicks and pouf all the people that I think might be interested get an invite .. 
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