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Hi G+;

I played a couple of DJ sets at a beautiful open-air festival last weekend..

one psytrance:

and one chillout:

The psytrance one is really excellent, I'm told. :)  Not as much feedback on the chill set but I rather like it as well.  Have a listen, won't you?

hey +Google Play  you should allow "user community hyperlinks" when reading e-texts... the idea is, users can create hyperlinks from key words in the e-text to search results that the user finds relevant (e.g. image searches for descriptions in text, links to wikipedia to explain historical references in text, etc.) -- if Google saves all of these links then eventually the common pool of public-domain e-texts will become richly annotated by the reader community.  Allow subsequent readers the option to show or mute hyperlinks by specific other users, or perhaps show only a window of annotations by date (most recent vs. all, perhaps)... this is just the bones of an idea but I think it's a rather good one.  I'm giving it to you for nothin' rather than trying to launch it myself...

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nice portrait of the Great A'Tuin...

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very nice jam using lots of touch interfaces...
Rheyne - iOS Jam - 4/24/12 (Live Jam #41) Lemur, AniMoog, Geo, and Griid

Hi G+. Have a 3.5-hour outdoor morning psytrance mix!
raw and live, full-on and melodic... lots of good energy in this one.

Hi all; I have an odd-seeming but serious question for anyone with a behavioral / cognitive perspective:

What is up with the humor response to bodily noises (fart sounds, belches, squeaks)?
i.e. why are fart noises funny?

Any theories or pre-coffee musings welcome.



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