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For the past several weeks and likely for another month or two, camp Learfield's IT department has been knee deep in an email project to eliminate those pesky PST archive files. And while we did lots of research and knew the scope of what we were getting involved with; email hoarding at a mind numbing level. I'm still amazed by the magnitude of email collections some have amassed.

I'm talking about Gigabytes and Gigabytes of old email - some users, 20, 30, 50 GB of email and more. Directories containing, 50,000+ emails. It's truly astonishing, the deeply held belief that someday, I just might need one of these to save my butt. Though from what I've seen, I doubt most of them could ever find that needle in their haystacks.

I long ago discovered the delete key on my keyboard - it was just the medicine I needed to liberate myself from that crushing inbox. And in the last 5 years since making that discovery, I can't remember a single incident where I wished I still had all those old messages.
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So many people today believe that their email is like their file cabinet of old. Keep a copy of all your documents there. I believe this is due to the poor ability to search for things in the operating system and also to a CYA attitude so prevalent in businesses today.

I even ran across a person who emailed his documents to himself just so they could be stored in their email system.

If people remembered that when we files in a physical cabinet we still had to purge the files this might fix itself. But to many people digital bits are free. So why not keep it all. 
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