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Bette Wing
The PyePlate is about history and genealogy.
The PyePlate is about history and genealogy.

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Chambers Family Revisited
` Robert Chambers is referred to as The Old Soldier and is
apparently the immigrant from Scotland .
Some say the name was originally Chalmers, but I have not found a reliable
source that verifies this claim. His wife’s name was Margaret but her maiden
name ...

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McPhersons of Nova Scotia
Although I have touched on this family name before, I’d like
to revisit it. Over the course of time, more names and more information has
come to light and it may help someone looking into the Nova Scotia McPhersons.
It might also generate some feed back whi...

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Great grandmother’s scrapbook/poetry/recipe book
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           My great grandmother, Rebecca Chambers...

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William Bassett c. 1600-1667
If there is one thing I discovered about William Bassett it
is that his ancestry is still very much in question. Then, to make matters even
worse, information on William, the father, and William, the son, have been
combined, twisted and confused.  I have

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Rumney Marsh Burial Ground
Rumney Marsh Burial Ground This is a bit off my usual genealogy topic, but I found this
so interesting I wanted to share it with everyone. In my early blogger days I
had written some articles about Winthrop , MA , my hometown. So, in essence,
this is a retu...

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John Whipple 1617-1685
*John Whipple was first mentioned in the Colonial records in
Oct 1632 when he was ordered to pay a small fee to his master, Israel
Stoughton, for wasting shot and powder.   He was, at that time, about 14 years old. It is believed that he arrived
in the new ...

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John Wheeler 1591-1670
It is claimed John and his wife, Ann Yeoman Wheeler, set
sail for the colonies in March 1633/34 on the “ Mary and John ”.  They are my
8x gt. grandparents. FamilySearch says he was b. in St. Edmunds, Salisbury , Wiltshire , England , and
that his father’s n...

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Ship’s Registry – Canada I was working diligently on a totally different subject
which involved descendancy from William Marshall (1146-1219), when I
unexpectedly hit a snag. I ran into a piece of data that had been used to
verify a family line only to find...

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  “Arabella” Registry #79918, a British sailing vessel; 1 ½ poop, 2
masted schooner,     square-rigged, wood
construction, tons – 205.14; 100 feet long, 28 feet wide. Built Jul 23 1887 in Harvey , Alberta Co., New Brunswick , Canada . Owners: Alexander Blac...

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Well, summer has taken up a huge amount of my time. I’ve
been battling weeds, weeds, weeds. The vegetable garden is in but ever so
thirsty. We have had very little rain in the last month or so. I’m taking a
much needed break from green stained fingers and d...
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