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Mapping Keys to Game Controllers in ZEsarUX
this tutorial, I will show you how to map keys to game controllers in ZEsarUX for keyboard only games and for games that use a Kempston joystick but reserve some actions to the keyboard. ZEsarUX supports custom config files for every game you wish to inc...

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Introducing ZEsarUX, a new Speccy Emulator
ZEsarUX is a new ZX
Spectrum emulator from developer Cesar Hernandez Bano. What I like
about ZEsarUX is the out of the box support for game controllers. In
this tutorial, I will guide you through setting up ZEsarUX in RetroPie and
playing your first Spectru...

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RetroPie 3.0 Update
If you wish to create
scripts to run DOS games in RetroPie as outlined in the tutorial in this blog, then you
need to make the following small changes to get them to work in RetroPie version
3.0. New to RetroPie 3.0 If you are starting with RetroPie 3.0, th...

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Install OpenTyrian
In this tutorial, I will show how to install OpenTyrian, an open source port of the DOS vertical shoot'em up Tyrian . InsanePie at the Raspberry Pi forum has amended the original source code of OpenTyrian to add SDL with dispmanx support. He has been able t...

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DOSBox Configuration for Individual Games
In this tutorial, I will show how to configure DOSBox to make sure that it uses the correct mapper file for your game. The default DOSBox config
file ( dosbox-SVN.conf ) and the mapper file ( ) are
located on the pi in the ~/.dosbox folder. F...

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Default (Arcade) Mapping for DOSBox
Over the next two tutorials, I will show how I have used DOSBox config and mapper files for games in my Retropie build. In the first tutorial, I will share my default configuration that I use for most games which I would describe as arcade-style. In the sec...

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Configure Game Controllers in DOSBox
In this tutorial, I will show how to use the DOSBox mapper to configure game controllers. The DOSBox mapper (above) is
the tool that allows you to remap the keyboard commands to a game
controller.  You can read the DOSBox mapper wiki here . To launch the ma...

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Configure Game Controllers for Wolf4SDL
In this tutorial, I will show how to alter the source code to configure game controllers for the Wolfenstein 3D port, Wolf4SDL . Please note that
this hack has only been tested on the PS3 controller and will remap buttons only on your controller, not analog...

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Install Wolf4SDL
In this tutorial, I will show how to download and install the Wolfenstein 3D port, wolf4sdl as well as how to integrate it into Retropie . A Quick Word about the Versions of Wolfenstein 3D Wolf4sdl came already installed on my Retropie 1.9 build but is no l...

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Run DOS games in Retropie
In this tutorial, I will show how to add DOS games to Retropie . The games will launch automatically from emulationstation, then return when the game is exited. I will be using DOSBox as the emulator. rpix86 may be faster but DOSBox supports mapping game co...
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