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Goblin Gilmartin
Blogmaster, Swamp dweller, Code Red Enthusiast
Blogmaster, Swamp dweller, Code Red Enthusiast

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Just wanted to quickly throw is article out there, no meta-jokes about the blog being dead, no graphics. Let’s get to it. It occurs to me that a lot of people who run/play RPGs have trouble naming things in their games. Characters, cities, or…

Anyone want to play 2e? I've been out of the game for quite a while, but I want to get in again.

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Still looking for a player or two for my 3.5 game. I want to use a Skype/Roll20 combo, 
here's the roll20 link, feel free to ask me anything:
+Cheese Shogun +Christian Neihart

LFG for a D&D 3.5 game. New players very welcome, but must be willing to read the books. I want to keep things simple for now, sticking with core races/classes. Starting level 3 (that's when the good stuff starts) Don't get too attached to starting equipment. Munchkins not welcome.

I'll be using my under construction Homebrew setting, Rogalev, other playable races: Goblins (my own recipe), Half-Goblins (same deal), Winter elves (drow-like but not), Desert Elves (think Redguard, but elves, kind of)

Tentative play-day Sun-Tues, I want to use Roll20/Skype, I've never used Google Hangouts for this, but might be convinced.

Questions/comments? Let me know.

Finally, a reason to actually use Google+
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