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Who likes motorola nexus 6 over 6p

Just got N6 yesterday . Loving it!

Should I buy the nexus 6 or the LG g3 to replace my Nexus 5

My nexus 5 screen is cracked but hasn't lost a beat

nexus 6

i cracked my nexus 5 how can i get it fixed or should i get the 6

My nexus 5 screen is cracked can get it fixed 

my nexus 5 the dog got hold of it and cracked the screen......should i pay the 150.00 for another nexus 5 or wait until the nexus 6 in the fall

Nexus 5 cracked screen...can it be repaired ?

cracked my nexus 5 screen wants 150.00 dollars to send me a new phone...... but right now i dont have 150.00 dollars. bumer.
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