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Meghann Gervais-Lynch
Artist, baker, happy person :)
Artist, baker, happy person :)

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Full Body 11 - Let's Slide!
Keeping things fresh is fun. Finding new ways to challenge yourself in your workouts is even more fun! Today's full body workout uses sliders to do that, and help increase ab involvement, making this a fun and tough workout. This was the first time I ever u...

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Full Body Friday - Get That Body!
Hmm, Full Body Friday... I like the sound of that! I think it might stick :) This is a great workout for just about everyone, but particularly if you're intermediate/advanced and are looking for something a little difference. Add weights to make it as hard ...

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Full Body 30 30 Split - Get Ready to SWEAT!
This.... this is just... Awesome. I was super-duper sweaty by the time I finished this, and really out of breath, so that is a very, very good sign. You want to make serious changes? You want to challenge yourself? You want to see how strong you really are?...

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All Abs 5 - Break it Down!
Here's what this ab workout is gonna do - it's going to make you stronger, it's going to make you proud, it's going to take you 12 minutes, and it's going to ROCK YOUR WORLD! Best of all: it doesn't need ANY equipment. Just your body. Well, I guess your bod...

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Full Body 8 - Pull Up a Chair (and WORK!)
A fabulous Monday to you all, welcome back after the weekend! I hope you had fun and are rested and ready to work, because this is going to be a FANTASTIC week of fun workouts for you!! Today you'll need a sturdy chair (underline STURDY), some weights and m...

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All Abs 4 - Shake Shake Shake!
This was a tough one to film, I'm not going to lie... I don't film videos in order all the time and I filmed this as I was coming down with a really, really bad flu. I had a fever and felt really weak. By the end of it I was shaking! But I did it anyway - I...

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Full Body 6 Shake That Body! (AKA In Which My Puppy Violates a Stuffed Elephant)
Happy Monday everyone, here's your workout to start your week out on a good note! It's a fun, full body workout that is great for everyone - I give you modifications so that no matter what your fitness level you can do this one :) Also, my puppy is in this ...

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30 30 HIIT Full Body 2 - Werk!
Yup, I'll be honest, this is gonna make you werk. And probably hate me. But mostly work REALLY hard, and then get really good results :) This is a full body, 30-30 split workout. It's tough. But you can do it. Grab some weights and let's get to this! 30-30 ...

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All Abs 3 to Make You ROAR!
Ohh, this is going to make you ROAR! This is a 12 minute workout of ALL ABS. I know I say in the beginning it is 15 minutes, but I was lying ;) Do what you can, give it your all, I know you can do this! All Abs 3 to Make You ROAR! Here's your warm up:  http...

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Lower Body 5 - I Like That Butt and I Cannot Lie!
Okay so I took license with the song title there, but it is a bit more PG and accurate ;-) Today is ALL about the legs and butt. It is gonna make those thighs and buns burn and help to give you the lower body you have always wanted - toned, strong and sexy!...
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