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Melissa Whaley

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┌∩┐(‿|‿)┌∩┐~ Hillary
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Melissa Whaley

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Melissa Whaley

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What's the Big Idea? Richard Dawkins, the most famous atheist in the world, created a stir when he recently declared that he was not an atheist after all, but an agnostic. The news, which came dur...
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Melissa Whaley

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LOL...this was interesting...

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Melissa Whaley

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Melissa Whaley

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Great discussion between Richard Dawkins & Cardinal George Pell.
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What a person believes isn't really an issue or any other person's business. It's more what a person does with their belief which makes it relevant by infringing upon another in anyway. The rights of an individual to practice their faith ends where the rights of another to not be encroached upon begin. Mission: Non violently oppose religious doctrine which promotes hate, prejudice, non free thinking and where it causes harm. Not singling out any particular faith. Where the faith causes harm no longer can people of sense and reason stand by and be perceived to respect their dogma through this perceived unspoken agreement to not speak out for fear of causing offense. There is nothing we could say or do to come close to the offense the doctrines of faith create to those of us with any sense of decency, fairness and love of all humanity. Ironically unlike the many conditions the faiths place upon their acceptance of certain people and groups our respect for humanity is unconditional beyond neither hurting another or depriving another. If it harms none then do as you will. Islam and Judaism are seen as minority groups in the West and as racist far right organisations hide behind the banner of anti-religion. We have and want no association with such groups and do all that is physically possible to prevent such groups or their members using our page as a vehicle for their hate.

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