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Adam Outler
Security Engineer, Developer, Hacker, Electronics Tech
Security Engineer, Developer, Hacker, Electronics Tech


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3D Print the iPhone X Notch!
You can now block a portion of any screen with this new revolution in 3D printed technology.

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$300 3d Print Server
See it live here:
So a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a 3D printer from +Keith I Myers. It was used, but he threw in a bunch of rolls of filament to go with it. I calibrated it, printed a few things, and I got annoyed with the process of downloading, unzipping, editing, scaling, g-coding, then transferring to an SD card, then ejecting the SDCard, then inserting the SDCard, then starting the print job.

So I tried a few managed prints, and eventually I decided I needed a print server and it was between two items, Repitier host, and Octoprint. After talking to +Keith I Myers again, he recommended Octoprint. I had to agree with his logic.

I installed Octoprint on a raspberry Pi, and I noticed there were several interesting plugins, including one for controlling a TPLink smartplug. This allows me to turn on and off the printer as a part of the print job, which is great! so I nabbed that up and installed it. The process was very simple and integration was practically self-explanatory after assigning a static IP to the device.

Now my worflow is download, drag-n-drop to the website, and hit the print button. Couldn't be simpler, and it can be done from anywhere in the world.

Items Required below:
Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 $220:
Raspberry Pi 3 $34.99 :
TPLink SmartPlug $24.99 :
Octoprint Free Raspberry Pi Distro:

Now I know what you're thinking...But wait, that's only $279.98, and you said it was $300. ... Ok, so take that $20 and buy some filament, or setup a year of domain registration, you nitpicky person. :)

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The NSA Loves Apple
I would rather use the fingerprint sensor. Via +Keith I Myers from my Linux User Group. Y U NO FOLLOW KEITH?!?!?!

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Don't install the app for a website just because it is suggested.
Most apps are just an alternative web browser. They also come with a lot of baggage such as location, usage, and sensor access. This PSA has been brought to you by common sense. Now stop installing all those apps.

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Tune in for tomorrow's life hack, where we explain how to keep your door closed during storms and stay dry! Coming soon, keeping additional batteries and flashlights around!

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This is why I don't use the Comcast modem
While it appears nice on the surface, just remember that Comcast isn't paying for the electrical bill. They charge their customers $10/month for a rental fee and the customer pays for the power costs. Comcast has a customer-supported network. Now Comcast is actually increasing the amount each customer will pay so they can promote their services during this catastrophe.

Anyone want a new Google Pixel 2 for review and to keep? 760-706-7425

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Inaudible voice commands allow you to hack iPhones.
Via +Shoaib Khan

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I can haz 3d printed cheezburger?
Be very afraid... +Adam Outler​ now owns a 3D printer. Prepare for 3D printed cat memes

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Via +Keith Myers​ from South Florida Ubuntu group.
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