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Shannon Johnson
Making my happy every after every day.
Making my happy every after every day.

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You're Egg-stra special
I am in the middle of a 4 day stretch at work. (I work 12 hour night shifts.) You never sleep as well or as deep when you sleep during the day. By the end of my days I could be dragging pretty well. Nothing a good NIGHTS sleep won't fix though. We truely ar...

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Hippity, Hoppity, Happy Easter
We spent the weekend doing work on our house before selling it. Needless to say our Easter weekend was NOT all that we wanted. Still the boys got to enjoy some fun egg hunts with family and friends. We are back home hoping to relax before everyone returns t...

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Smile- it's contagious
      I have an amazing friend in Idaho. She is the ultimate optimist! I have seen her struggle through life's challenges that would beat down the best of us with a smile on her face. She is forever happy. She thrives on life and the challenges it brings. W...

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Still Discovering...
My boys are growing so very fast! Josh is now over 6' tall. I'm tall but have to look up to him. I told him there have been few men in my life I've looked up too, then gave him a hug. Keegan is learning the joys, and frustrations, of having a cell phone. Ty...

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A Journey in Dual Language Immersion
          This year we have the privilege of starting our youngest, Mr Matthew, in a dual language immersion (DLI) program. Our school district made the fantastic decision to introduce all 5 languages offered in the states DLI program, German, Spanish, Fren...

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Learning Life's Lessons
I have been trying to get back to my scrap booking, and making a little progress. I have started to focus more on less. It's hard but I have a greater sense of accomplishment by doing so. I want to be able to do it all, who doesn't, but I am learning to do ...

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You are my Sunshine
While the East is getting pounded with heavy snow, those of us in the West are struggling to get the snow we need to see us through the summer. We have been having April style weather lately. While I admit it is lovely to feel the warm sun and go out withou...

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Can I borrow a Kiss?
We try to spend time with each of our boys but as they have gotten older and less time we haven't been as good about it. When we do they usually choose time with their dad. He is the fun one always up for a good board game or video game. Lately however, the...

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Love is an Adventure
Although I have a house of boys we are more likely to be found hiking, camping, and fishing than on the soccor, baseball, or football fields. We often joke we are a house of nerds, and proud of it. My brother was the ultimate jock. The coaches were sorely d...

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Homemade Wheat Bread
Several of my friends saw my post on FB about making bread and asked for the recipe. So here you are guys!  This is my go to recipe. I have tried several others but still go back to this. Yummy Homemade Wheat Bread   This recipe came from a Relief Society m...
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