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I am editing my comments below: Under the old mgmt things were ok but doable. However this new MGMT company, ZRS, is god awful and rude. They are currently doing upgrades in the apartments but really it is like putting make up on a pig. They are not fixing the plumbing issues at all and as slow as ever to fix anything when you put a maintenance request. They dont answer the phone so they dont have to answer or deal with your issue. We have had leaks left and right and it took an act of congress to get them to come out. In addition to the lack of concern with the fundamental problems of the apartment, our water bill have been going up every month and they can not tell us why. I have asked many times for a breakdown of costs and the people just tell me they cant provide that information. The only thing this place has going for it, is the location. That is the reason why we renewed in the first place. We love being able to walk to the bars and having stores so close. However, due to the poor mgmt, we have decided to not renew and drive a little. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to disagree with the comments below. I recently moved in back in September. My fiancé and I love it. We have a great two bedroom, two bath. More room then we really need. They did change management before I moved in so I can not speak on how it was done in the past. However, the staff that is there today is on point. Any time there is an issue they have fixed with in the hour. If they dont it is because something major happened. They always do fun events on the green like movie night. And we love the location! Typically you cant find a nice place to live in the Vinings area with out paying an arm and a leg. The only down side is our neighbors. They are very loud and you can hear everything they do above us. However that is not the fault of the complex but the people.
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