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Asko Soukka
System designer at University of Jyväskylä.
System designer at University of Jyväskylä.


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RoboCon 2018 and Robot Framework Jupyter support
It's already over a week since I got back home from the first Robot
Framework conference ever – RoboCon 2018 .
It was a pleasure to be there, and I really feel privileged that I was accepted
there as a speaker. My RoboCon 2018 RoboCon 2018 was a single day ...

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Plone Conference Barcelona 2017
It was awesome to be back at Plone Conference this year. Finally!
We have had participation in Plone conferences in 2009, 2011–2012 and
2014–2017, but for me the previous one was years ago: Plone Conference Bristol
in 2014.
Needless to say that I have misse...
Plone Conference Barcelona 2017
Plone Conference Barcelona 2017

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Building instant features with advanced Plone themes
Plone, ” The Ultimate Enterprise CMS ”, ships with built-in batteries for
building sophisticated content
management solutions without writing a single line of new Python code.
For example, a fresh installation of Plone allows to build custom structured

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Tile based layouts and ESI on Plone
Plone's Blocks: Grid based layouts is an old manifest (originally dated back to
2008 or 2009) about simplifying Plone 's (ME)TAL-macros, content providers
(portlets and viewlets) based layout machinery with a composition of
independently rendered static HTM...

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On building fat themes for Plone
Could fat themes become the common ground between filesystem Plone developers
and through-the-web integrators? Plone ships with a lot of bundled batteries for building sophisticated content
management solutions. Content types, workflows, portlets and event ...

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Plone Barcelona Sprint 2016 Report
For the last week, I was lucky enough to be allowed to participate Plone community sprint at Barcelona .
The print was about polishing the new RESTful API for Plone, and experimenting
with new front end and backend ideas, to prepare Plone for the next decad...

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Evolution of our Makefile for a Docker based project
It's hard to move to GitLab and resist the temptation of its integrated GitLab CI . And with GitLab CI, it's just natural to run all CI jobs in Docker containers. Yet, to avoid vendor lock of its integrated Docker support,
we choosed to keep our .gitlab-ci....

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Nix in Docker – Best of Both Worlds
I'm using Nix mostly on a mac as a development tool, and every now and then I
get blocked by some packages not working on OS X. For those situations I've been working for my own Nix image for Docker:
A such minimal Docker image that it only contains the fil...

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Building a Plone form widget with React + Redux
As much I love the new through-the-web resource registries in Plone 5 (I really
do), for the current Plone 5 sites in development or already in production, I've ended up bundling all front-end resources into theme with Webpack. That gives me the same "state...

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Building Plone theme with Webpack
I just fixed my old post on customizing Plone 5 default theme on the fly to work with the final Plone 5.0 release. But if you could not care less about TTW (through-the-web) theme development,
here's something for you too: it is possible to build a theme fo...
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