I got annoyed enough by the clunkiness of Lightroom to give iPhoto another try, and then Aperture 3, via the 30-day free trial (http://www.apple.com/aperture/trial/).

I really liked Aperture, especially its tight integration with Flickr. So I went to the App Store, where it's $80, and clicked "buy". Oops, it says I already have it installed. I go back to Aperture trial and click on the Buy button in the dialog that pops up when you launch it, and get taken to http://store.apple.com/us/serialsoftware?product=D4855, where I can buy it for $199. Seriously, Apple?

The fix is simple--just delete the Aperture trial app, then re-download (all 605 MB) from the App Store. Your photos and preferences will remain, although you'll need to go into your Pictures folder to rename the Aperture library from "Aperture 3 Trial Library".
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