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Finally got all the craziness solved with all the stupid copyright problems. Been so damn busy working on the server and trying to learn this new 3d program that I haven't even had time to look at G+. Sigh.

So, my website host sent me a form letter today saying that I need to remove content that is copyrighted by another company from my website. But, then they did not tell me what the copyrighted content was and disabled access to the site so I cannot remove said copyrighted content. I should note that we do not have any copyrighted content that is not owned by us on the site.

Now, they want me to agree, under threat of perjury, that I removed all unsaid content from the site (that I cannot access) before they will re-enable the site. How completely idiotic are these people? Some company sends you a letter saying there''s copyrighted material..without any proof or details about what that content is and without any sort of confirmation that there actually IS any of that content on the site. So, you just disable a paying customer's site without cause, warning, or an f-you.

Do not host with Go Daddy...that is all I can say. It's run by a bunch of monkeys. I've now asked several times how I am supposed to remove this unnoted content from my site without access to the site and I keep getting form letters back telling me to ask the copyright holder about what the content is. Morons.

If alien technology is so advanced, why the hell do their ships keep crashing?

It's kind of crazy looking back at all the things that have been fixed over the last month...Nearly all core elements are working (Things like Guild Roster and Auction House). Roughly 80% of all the spells and talents are fixed. Slowly creeping up on the dungeon scripts but still have a long way to go there. So much done in so little time..crazy to look back on it. Now I know why my brain feels like a boiled egg.

Weddings suck

Taking a break from coding today. It's been at least a month since I've been away from the server screen for more than an hour. Maybe longer than a month..I can't remember.

So, these nutballs are saying that its way too unlikely that life on earth developed by chance and that's proof that aliens sent life here. But, no one is asking the obvious question: if its so impossible for life to develop naturally..where the hell did the aliens come from that did it? Miraculous conception no doubt.

Finally figured out cast and walk aura types like Firewalker and haste for rune regen speed. That was a tough day of debugging..whew
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