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The execution of this video was brilliant. If this were a rap song it's title would be Ether. lmao They just left out one factor . . .
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That makes me smile, but it also makes me sad. There are guys I like and think are cool and fun and funny and smart, but I only want to be friends with them.
So basically, guys only hang around us if they want to date/do us? :-(
+Danielle Richardson Well, the other factor is that they aren't attracted to you in that way. In that case you're on even footing. I think as long as there's no attraction by either party you can be friends. The flip side is that you can have sex up front and get it out of the way. lmao
That's true. I wonder how often that happens for dudes though because it's quite obvious that girls see men as friends a lot more that the guys see women as just friends.
How often men are friends with women they aren't attracted to?
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