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I was recently diagnosed with an IBD & have been finding select android & ios apps useful in mamaging my medical issues. Hope this info can help someone else. #vzwbuzz

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Boston! Join me today at the Microsoft Store for a fun day of fitness activities & cool technology ! #FallFitness

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A list of 50 of the best Android games in 2014. Hopefully the special Dad in your life might enjoy some of these!

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It will be interesting to see how this plays out, curious to see what device LG will bring to the table.

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A really unique review of the Bose Soundlink Mini, well worth your time to read #vzwbuzz  

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great post here for all who market

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Look at the circle +Jason Ramsey has created! Some epic people listed & he shares how you can create your own circle very easily. 
These are my most relevant people on G+. I used #circlescope to create the image.

It is surprisingly accurate, with only a few obvious omissions. Thank all of you for your friendship. Although this is a G+ experience, I met most of these people on #Twitter .

My 50 most relevant plussers (according to google+ ):

+Paul Meulman 
+Richard Green 
+Cesare Riccardo 
+Christine DeGraff 
+Cathy Ranson 
+Danielle Smith 
+Gia Marie 
+Bruce Sallan 
+Monica Vila 
+Ann Tran 
+Jennifer Walsh 
+John Philpin 
+John Peters 
+Calvin Lee 
+Marsha Collier 
+Joyce Cherrier 
+Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh 
+Joyce Bone 
+Kelly Mitchell 
+Michele Lorito-Chase 
+Greg Bepper 
+Michelle Harris 
+Ted Rubin 
+Marty McPadden 
+Jessica Northey 
+Jean Parks 
+Daria Carey 
+Farhana Rahman 
+Dino Dogan 
+Sarah Robinson 
+Debra Cincioni 
+Steve Akins 
+Christine Skulevold 
+Berrie Pelser 
+Terri Nakamura 
+Paul Steele 
+Neal Schaffer 
+Ludovic Moreeuw 
+Sam Stormborn Ormandy 
+Rebekah Radice 
+Rachel Thompson 
+Shelly Kramer 
+Sarah Wilson 
+Lisa Mason 
+Lisa Jey Davis 
+Natasha Head 
+Gordon Gower 
+Charise Strandberg 
+Moan Lisa 
+Scott Buehler 

If you would like to create you own '50 Most Relevant Circle', follow these instructions:

Visualize the people most relevant to you according to Google:
1- Open Circloscope and choose your account
2- From the left column: Filter > Relevance
3- Set "Min" to 0 to see all people who are relevant to you
4- From left column: Filter > Sorted by > Relevance
5- Select the ones who you want to be in your image
6- From left column: Action > Visualize selected > Most relevant

If you would like to add this circle, it is here:

#50mostrelevant   #circlescope   #googleplus  
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