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Universal Constants, Variations, and Identities
#1 Awareness is primary and fundamental. (Substrate)
#2 All awareness is non-dual unless it is dual. (Duality)
#3 There is no inside without an outside nor outside without an inside. (Interiority/Exteriority)
#4 Duality is bounded, non-duality is boundless. (Boundary)
#5 Boundaries arise in a spectrum from diffuse to concise. (Crossing)

#6 Reality is composed of whole parts. (Holons)

#7 pi is the identity of periodicity. (Periodicity)
#8 e is the identity of change. (Change)
#9 phi is the identity of proportion. (Proportion)

#10 All holons have at least four fundamental capacities. (Potential)

#11 Observation is communication between its participants (observer and observed). (Reference)

#12 The ends are determined by their means. (Integrity of purpose)

#13 Knowledge is what awareness does. (Knowledge)

#14 Singular and plural arise together. (Singular/Plural)

#15 Time is a temporally linear form of change that is not limited by dimension. (Change/Time)

#16 Creation and discovery compliment each other and are the means in which the Universe fundamentally unfolds and enfolds itself (Creation/Discovery)

#17 Interiority and Exteriority arise together. (Representation)

#18 Dimension is a spectrum or domain of awareness: they essentially build an additional point of view or perspective. (Dimension)

[More are coming soon in new posts...
See the comments in this thread for links to the others or check my stream.]
A few of those who have circled me have been asking for more information about my work. Towards that end, I'm going to start publishing my growing list of universal constants and variances. It is these constants and variances that form the foundation of my work.

There are about as many of them as there are stars in our universe (if you count the primary and derived together), so I don't think I'll run out of them! Most of them are self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the appropriate thread. The numerical ordering is not yet important, as I'm still collecting and collating them as I discover them.

I have no tolerance for trolling or people who abuse others in my circles; especially on these threads about the constants and variances! So if you plan to wreak havoc here, you'll get bumped real fast. I don't mind criticism or sceptical opinions at all, but please be civil with everyone (including me).

See for more information.

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Understanding #Learning #Insight #Constants #Variances #Metaphysics #Philosophy #Mathesis #Scientia #Philosophia #Logica   #Universalis #MathesisUniversalis
#ScientiaUniversalis #PhilosophiaUniversalis #LogicaUniversalis #Metamathematics #MetaLogic #MetaScience #MetaPhilosophy #MetaphysicaUniversalis #MetaphysicaGeneralis  
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Geert Wilders - Patriot
This interview was made after being charged and found guilty of racism simply, because he pointed out that there were too many Moroccans in the Netherlands! After watching this you will see that he provides a logical, rational, and convincing basis for his views.

The 'jurisprudence' of the Netherlands has made a mockery of itself.

h/t +Amelia Hoskins

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding
#Liberty #Freedom #Sovereignty #NotOurGovernment
#Awaken #WakeUp

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Why I Left the Left
The meaning of 'Progressive' has changed over the last 100 years.
The meaning of 'Left' has changed as well. Why?

The orientation has been altered to a dominance of the collective instead of the individual, which was the dominant orientation of the past.

Communism, Socialism, and 'Open Society' have been attempting to obtain licence to destroy the concept of sovereignty, because individual and collective sovereignty poses a danger to their collectivist views.

This video and the website it comes from: quickly and succinctly describes the situation.

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding
#Sovereignty #Liberty #Freedom #Republic #Democracy
#Awaken #WakeUp #SocialEngineering #ConnectTheDots

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Mexico Borders Its Chance to Save Deal

Donald Trump's books explain in detail how he thinks. He is the first to admit that he is naive on some things, but he warns that he learns very quickly. Here is another example:

The basis of Trump's strategy is simple. He wants everyone who participates in a deal to have something to profit from. "Win-Win" is one of his mottos.

Mexico does have a wall. The wall runs all along the border between Mexico and Guatemala and is very effective, if the Mexican government wants it to be.

Donald Trump is a holistic thinking strategist. He gave Mexico the chance to sit with him at a table and make a deal. Mexico had the chance to have perhaps a portion of the costs for the wall to be negotiated. Now Mexico will have to pay the full costs incurred!

Trump is now in the position, because his opposition didn't sit with him (a very bad mistake), to allow his opponents to revile him and the changes he has promised, so that they can awaken/intensify the patriotism and anger of the American people.

At the end, he can get his plan to succeed (with the full support of those he represents) and the Mexicans have deeply wounded themselves.

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding
#ConnectTheDots #WakeUp #Awaken
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Mexico Borders Its Chance to Save Deal
(English version follows...)

Donald Trumps Bücher erklären ausführlich wie er denkt. Er gibt offen zu, dass er in manchen Beziehungen naive ist aber er warnt nebenbei, dass er sehr schnell lernt. Hier ist wieder ein Beispiel:

Die Basis von Trumps Strategie ist einfach. Er will, dass alle, die sich am Deal beteiligen, etwas davon haben. 'Win-Win' ist eines seiner Mottos.

Mexiko hat doch eine Mauer! Die Mauer zwischen Mexiko und Guatemala ist vollständig und effektiv, wenn die Mexikanische Regierung das will, natürlich.

Donald Trump ist ein ganzheitliche denkender Stratege. Präsident Trump hat Mexiko die Gelegenheit gegeben mit ihm am Tisch zu sitzen und einen Deal zu machen. Mexiko hätte die Gelegenheit gehabt, einen Teil der Kosten für die Mauer verhandeln zu können. Nun wird Mexiko auf den ganzen Kosten sitzen müssen.

Trump ist nun in der Lage, weil sich seine Gegner sich nicht an den Tisch mit ihm setzen wollen (ein ganz blöder Fehler), seinen Gegnern die Gelegenheit geben gegen seine Veränderungen zu protestieren.

Er lässt seine Gegner ihn schlecht machen, damit er den Patriotismus und die Wut des Amerikanischen Volkes erwecken/verstärken kann. Am Ende kommt er nach und setzt seinen Plan durch (mit voller Rückendeckung von denen, die er repräsentiert) und die Mexikaner haben sich ins eigene Fleisch geschnitten.

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding
#ConnectTheDots #Awaken #WakeUp

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Warum Keine Untersuchung?
(Why no investigation? English subtitles.)

Hier wird Trump bedroht!

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Crowding Insanity of Ignorance
(Deutsche Version weiter Unten...)

The Woman's Movement is now unfortunately a movement that is funded and directed by George Soros and other banksters. These #banksters, that are the progeny of the very same colonialists that were responsible for Colonialism in the past. Now their children sponsor the social engineering in use (as seen here) against ALL of us.

Our youth is being indoctrinated (weaponised) with a hate of humanity that is being directed against themselves and everyone else. This hate is against those who had nothing to do with Colonialism.

This is no longer about the rights of women; rather, for: abortion, Androphobia, racism against white skin (Anglophobia), Communism, Islam,... Nothing about it is 'progressive', only regressive.

These women should realise that there are no 'Woman's Movements' in Islam (even the word 'Islam' means submission). Depending upon which group of Islam being referred to, women and children are forced to:
At 9 years to marry
To wear head covering or burkas (bee suits)
Treated as slaves.
Touched against their will (and they complain about Trump's remark?)

Please wake up, there's definitely something wrong here.

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding
#SocialEngineering #NotOurGovernment #CultureWar #Awaken #WakeUp #ConnectTheDots

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Ein Haufen Mist aus Ignoranz
(English translation in following post...)
Crowding Insanity of Ignorance

Die Frauenbewegung ist nun leider eine Bewegung geworden, die von George Soros und anderen Bankster gestiftet und geleitet wird. Die Bankster stammen von den gleichen Menschen, die für Kolonialismus in vergangenen Zeiten verantwortlich waren. Jetzt erfolgen Stiftungen der Nachkommen der Kolonialisten in Form von Geld und Professoren für unsere Universitäten und Schulen, um sozialtechnische Methoden (Social Engineering) gegen uns alle anzuwenden. Die Jugend wird indoktriniert (waffenisiert) einen Hass gegen sich selbst und andere Menschen zu pflegen. Dieser Hass richtet sich auch gegen solche, die mit Kolonialismus nichts zu tun hatten!

Hier geht es nicht mehr um Rechte für Frauen, sondern für: Abtreibung, Androphobie, Rassismus gegen weiße Haut, Kommunismus, Islam,… Nichts davon ist ‚progressiv‘, sondern nur regressiv.

Diese Frauen sollten zumindest wissen, dass es keine Frauenbewegung in Islam gibt (sogar das Wort ‚Islam‘ bedeutet Unterwerfung). Abhängig von den jeweiligen Gruppierungen werden Frauen und Kinder gezwungen beschnitten zu werden, ab 9 Jahre zu heiraten, Kopftuch und Burkas zu tragen, werden als Sklaven behandelt, vergewaltigt, gesteinigt, geköpft, begrapscht…

Bitte aufwachen: hier stimmt wirklich etwas nicht.

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Sovereignty Will Reign Once More
This speech from Geert Wilders; who is for Holland what Trump is for the USA, Nigel Farage is for Great Britain, Frauke Petry is for Germany, and Marine LePen is for France; is an appell to Germany calling for her to awaken and lead Europe to a return to Nationalism instead of being pulled further into the premature globalist tyranny it has succumbed to.

Link to video:

Speech by Geert Wilders at the "Europe of Nations and Freedom" Conference

Full text:
And what you stand for is extremely important. Not only for Germany, but for all of Europe.

Europe needs a strong Germany, a self-conscious Germany, a proud Germany, a Germany that stands for its culture, identity and civilization.

Europe needs Frauke [Petry], instead of Angela [Merkel]!

My friends, that is why Germany is so great. Why you are great. Because you do your duty. And the Alternative for Germany (AfD), and my friend Frauke Petry, and all of you here, stand against the new totalitarianism that threatens us today.

We are at the beginning of a Patriotic Spring across Europe, and also here in Germany. And I thank you for that. You are the new Germany.

And all our European countries are faced with the question of their existence. My friends, the United Nations expects that the population of Africa will quadruple by the end of the century -- from 1.1 billion today, to 4.4 billion. Studies show that in Southern Africa, one in three adults wants to emigrate. And in North Africa and the Middle East, one in five wants to emigrate. Many of them want to come to Europe in the future.

The question that none of our ruling politicians now ask is: How do we protect our country and our identity against mass immigration? How do we protect our values?
How do we protect our civilization? Our culture? The future of our children? These are the fundamental questions we have to answer.

In recent years, our governments have allowed millions of people to flow uncontrollably into our countries. Our governments have conducted a dangerous open-borders policy.

And I know, as do you, that when the citizens of Eastern Europe defeated communism in 1989, they were inspired by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Vaclav Havel, Vladimir Bukovski and others, who told them that people have the right, but also a commitment, to "live in the truth."

Friends, liberty requires eternal vigilance. And this applies also to the truth. And Solzhenitsyn added that -- I quote -- "truth seldom is sweet; it is almost invariably bitter."

And let us hear the bitter truth: Our leaders have lost their ability to recognize danger and understand the truth, because they no longer value freedom.

Politicians from almost all of the established parties are promoting our Islamization. Almost the entire Establishment, the elite universities, the churches, the media, politicians, put our hard-earned liberties at risk.

They talk about equality, but, incredibly, are incapable of seeing that in Islam, women have fewer rights than men, and infidels have fewer rights than the followers of Islam.

They are blind to the truth -- but we are not! And we do not accept that they are blind to the truth. We no longer accept that the elites have abandoned the people.

It breaks my heart when I see that people have become strangers in their own land -- almost everywhere in Europe.

But it is our country; it's not their country -- it's our country. And it is unacceptable that you fear for the future of your children, that women are afraid, that Jews, ex-Muslims, Christians fear for their safety.

Day after day, for years, we are experiencing the decay of our cherished values. The equality of men and women, freedom of opinion and speech, tolerance of homosexuality -- all this is in retreat.

And I say to you, my friends: We do not want this. We do not want Germany or any other country in Europe to abolish itself! We don't want that!
We want our homeland to remain our homeland.
We want to stay who we are!
We are secure, free, democratic, proud of our culture!

My friends, what we see today is that fear reigns. Many people are desperate. Our rulers are cowardly. Our security is disappearing; our freedom is in danger.

And many normal people are afraid to say what they think. Women are afraid to show their blonde hair.
And this charade must be stopped! More and more people demand this! We demand this!
And I tell you: Enough is enough!

And then there is also the great danger of Islamic terrorism.
A German undercover journalist recently revealed that some refugee housing centers have become breeding-grounds for terrorists. The consequences are visible to everyone.

Recall the massacre at the Berlin Christmas market. Remember also the black summer of terror last year, here in Germany. We also remember Cologne and the mass assaults of hundreds of innocent women.

And yet our governments fail to do anything. But if we do nothing, we cease to exist.

Some immigrants have come here with entirely different values.
This is a fact -- not a political fact, but a fact confirmed by scientists such as the Dutch Professor Ruud Koopmans, from Humboldt University in Berlin. His investigations showed that about half of all Muslims in Germany aspire to the roots of Islam.

Professor Koopmans also says that -- I quote -- "of a billion Muslims worldwide, between ten and twenty percent are willing to accept violence, even against civilians, to defend Islam." End of quotation.

But despite all these terrible warnings, our rulers refuse to see the elephant in the room.

The people are fed up with the political correctness of the elites! Are you fed up, or are you not fed up?
We are fed up with the elites, who offer you a beautiful ideal world, in which all cultures are morally equivalent.
The people demand -- we demand -- the truth!
And we must tell them the truth, because people have a right to the truth!
Because the people should not be abandoned.
We, here, are the hope of the people! And we will never disappoint them! Never!

You may have heard that the Dutch government is trying to silence me.
But I say to you, I will never shut up!
I am on many death-lists just because they hate me, because I criticize Islam, and because I am a friend of Israel.
But I will never be silent, despite all the threats from politicians and terrorists.
For the free expression of opinions is, my friends, the basis of democracy.

There is, however, much positive news. There is reason for hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Better times will come. The wind started to shift last year. It brought us the victory of -- and from here, congratulations to -- Donald Trump, the President of the United States.

But not only in America. We also see it here in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, throughout Europe: The patriots are winning. The time for a change has come. And that is why, my friends, it gives me tremendous courage to see you all here today.

This room full of German patriots shows me something very important. It shows me that Germany is not lost!
It shows me that Germany will survive!

You are a good force. The force that brings this beautiful country back on the right path. On the path to a patriotic future. A secure future. A free future. Our future!

History calls on you to save Germany. History calls on us all to save Europe. To save our own humanistic Judeo-Christian culture and civilization, our liberties, our nations, the future of our children.

And we have no choice. We will do it.
My party, the PVV in the Netherlands; Frauke Petry and Marcus Pretzell and the AfD here in Germany; Marine Le Pen and Front National in France -- and yes, Marine Le Pen will be the next president of France!
But, naturally, also Hans-Christian Strache and Harald Vilimsky and the FPÖ, our friends in Austria.
Tom van Grieken and Gerolf Annemans and our friends from the Vlaams Belang in Flanders.
And all the other politicians.

But I tell you, we politicians are not important here. It's not about us. It's about you; it's about the voters.
It's about the people here in this room, and also the millions throughout the country -- not we, but you are important.

You are the true heroes and the saviors of Europe. And I thank you for that.
Our parties give the people an opportunity to vote for good patriots. Patriots who want to make our borders safe again! Patriots who want to stop mass immigration! Patriots who want to restore the sovereignty of our countries, our money, our laws and our future.

We are fed up with the Europhiles in Brussels, who want to abolish our countries and impose an undemocratic super-state, in which we become a single multicultural society.

To this Europe we say no!
We stand for a Europe of national states and freedom!
We will take our countries back. We will make sure that our countries will stay ours.

My friends, this year will be the year of the people!
The year when the voice of the people finally will be heard!
The year of a democratic and nonviolent political revolution in Europe.
The year of liberation!
The year of the Patriotic Spring!

In two months, next March, we will give the Dutch people the chance to free the Netherlands! And next April, Marine, as I already said, will be the next president of France!
And next autumn it's your turn, my dear German friends. I am absolutely convinced that with Frauke Petry, the future of Germany is guaranteed.
Long live the German Spring!

And I tell you: We will liberate ourselves. We will make our countries great again! We can do it!

Everywhere in Europe, we are electing new and courageous politicians who serve the interests of the people. And together we will win!

My friends, we live in historic times.
The people of the West are awakening. They are casting off the yoke of political correctness.
They want their freedom back.
They want their sovereign nations back.
And we, the patriots of Europe, will be their instrument of liberation!

Long live freedom!
Long live The Netherlands!
Long live Germany!
Long live the Alternative for Germany!

Thank you.

#Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Understanding
#Sovereignty #Liberty #Freedom #Awaken #WakeUp #ConnectTheDots #Nationalism

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Even Nonsense Needs a Little Oil!
The scam of artificial scarcity.

Abiotic Oil is the 'blood of the Earth', yet those with vested interest will have you thinking it's 'fossil-based endangerment'!

Here's another video on Fletcher Prouty on the matter:

  #Knowledge #Wisdom #Insight #Learning #Insight #ArtificialScarcity #Fraud #Banksters #FossilFuels #ConnectTheDots #ScriptedScarcity #Awaken #WakeUp #BadTechnology  
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