The Handover of Kunar MRRD/ NPS/PMU New Building,

The construction work of the new building for the Provincial Management Unit of the National Solidarity Programme of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/NSP) has been completed in Kunar province.

Wahidullah Kalimzai the Kunar Governor, Jamaludin, Muhammad Jafar Sarwari the Kunar RRD Director, Eng. Habib Rahman Habib the NSP Field Coordinator for East Region, Dr. Nangialai Ibrahimi the Stakeholder Relations Unit Head of NSP, Eng Najibullah Sapay acting Provincial Manager of Kunar and a numbr of CDC Heads and influential community elders have participated in this handover ceremony.

Constructed at a sum of AFN 15,319,000 funded by the MRRD/NSP in an area of 541 square meters, the new building is consisted of 15 rooms for office, 6 toilets and a kitchen equipped with modern systems.

Properly monitored by Kunar PMU engineers, the new building’s work started in 2015 and was successfully completed in 2016.

“The newly constructed building will help the Kunar PMU personnel solve their difficulties to a great extent as well as channeling their overall administrative activities properly”, said Wahidullah Kalimzai the Kunar Governor.

In continuation of the inauguration ceremony, 36 development projects completed at a cost of AFN 62,991,000 in the district of Noorgal and in a number of localities related to Asadabad the center of Kunar province have been handed over to the communities.

These development projects encompass the construction of 465 meters of protection walls, a rural road 2874 meters in length, a 21410-, meter pathway, 62 toilets, a community center, seven water supply networks and 143 wells equipped with hand pumps

Approximately, 5,724 families in various communities have been able to get access to basic human needs upon completion of these projects.

Since its inception in Kunar province, the NSP has been able to cover 940 communities and execute a total of 2,300 development projects in different sectors including transport, water and sanitation, irrigation, power, livelihoods, education, etc completing the NSP phases I, II and III successfully.

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