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bonjour! désolé. j'ai un autre probleme!
this time is with the Bing map. when adding a pin, Bing add the element <a ref="#" ... > to the map. By default a click on the pin display an infoBox. but emy captures all clicks on a, and then, try to display a view ... 
i am new with Bing map. i am not not sure i can really customize the <a> element of the pin.
do you know a work around? (specify to emy dont capture this event for instance)

emy.css. ligne 36/37. there is a ':' missing
border:            0;

sorry. maybe there is a small bug in the emy.js (on both master and v1.1)
on the v1.1. ligne 345.  if value=null, then type(value)=='object', but then error on value.length

can we add some <section> after document.ready via js?
it seems to me emy breaks if i do it

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