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Rachael Mulder
a lively girl whose family is her world.
a lively girl whose family is her world.

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Prime Mental Real Estate
Prime Mental Real Estate. Wow. I had absolutely no idea how much prime mental real estate social media was occupying in my brain. Like, the thought literally never crossed my mind. I "quit social media" for so many reasons, but this was a benefit I didn't e...

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Life's Hard, Get Over It
I was raised in a quintessential home with a loving family
and anything I could have every wanted. I did not go through a lot of difficult
challenges or very hard things. This is great, of course. I am so grateful for
my loving family and the wonderful chil...

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Twin's Birth Story
I was thirty-seven weeks and three days pregnant with these
little twins of mine. My perinatologist, Dr Gordon, wanted to induce me right
at 37 weeks due to my cholestasis. I was able to get him to agree to pushing it
back a few days so we scheduled it for ...

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Abraham, Abraham, Abraham.
There is so much to be said about my Abraham. I could write for days and days! Unfortunately, I have a few more minutes until one of my boys wake up, so I will write what I can and hopefully continue it later. I wish I was better at doing my monthly posts, ...

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Just Say No to Mom Guilt
Dad guilt. You've never heard of it. Because it's not a thing. Mom guilt though? EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES. Why?! We need to ruthlessly eradicate mom guilt. We give our kids EVERYTHING WE HAVE and then at the end of the day we feel guilty for not giving them m...

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Bettering Ourselves
It's safe to say motherhood has sufficiently rocked my world. I'd like to think I've learned a little bit more than how to proficiently and efficiently wipe another human's bottom along the way and I can safely say I have! I marvel to think how these last f...

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Another emergency in the Mulder household! #vlog #3

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You see me VLOGGIN wit my babies... #mulderfamilyvlog #2

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