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Journey to the End of Central America – An Ichthyological Exploration of the Darién Gap

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#ParsiomyGate: The Perspective of a Reformed ‘Hardcore’ Cladist
If you are reading this article you have probably read the now
infamous editorial in the journal Cladistics . Although
signed “The Editors,” it isn’t clear if this was approved by anyone besides the

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Learning “R” in Spain
Studying turtles with R. Julien Claude in the background. The sun rising from Montserrat. From January 17-23 my new PhD student A.J. Turner and I went to a small town near Barcelona in Cataluña, Spain. We were there to take a morphometrics course in R (more...

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Survey Your Society to Gather Demographic Data
If you have been to a scientific conference and looked around a bit
you see students, postdocs, faculty and other professionals. We care
mostly about the scientific abilities of these folks - how well they
present their findings, the significance of thei...

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Back to the Middle East for more Fishes
Bill Ludt and I returned to the Middle East this April
returning to Kuwait and adding Abu Dhabi to make our regional collections.
Again, we had the wonderful LSU alum Dr. Jim Bishop host us.   Jim organized and had specimens waiting for
us collected by Kuwa...

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So you want a recommendation letter…
‘Tis the season for writing recommendation letters for
medical and dental school applicants. Many of these requests are from
undergraduates who took my large (nearly 100 student) Evolution course.
Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to interview all of the...

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On Academic Peaks
I like to use the metaphor of peaking when talking about highly
productive times at different stages of your academic career. Think of these
peaks as the high-water marks (i.e., year your most high profile papers came
out any you get a new grant). These pea...

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Guest Post for Wiley - The Top Dos and Don’ts for your First Month of Grad School in a Research Lab
I wrote a guest blog post for Wiley:   The Top Dos and Don’ts for your First Month of Grad School in a Research Lab

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A Terrible Cover of Science Magazine & An Example of The Power of Today's Social Media
I checked my mailbox this afternoon, and looked at the cover
of my Science magazine and thought: “Whoa, this should have been in a brown
paper covering like they had for dirty magazines.” I saw an image on the cover
of provocatively clothed women, the title...

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The Funding Cycle Wheel of Feels
I'm already on Kermit, two days after hearing about my grant.
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