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Welcome to ESMT Berlin. The business school founded by business.
Welcome to ESMT Berlin. The business school founded by business.

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International Women's Day 2017! Let's talk about the ongoing challenges for women in global business - Join today's Global Network for Advanced Management webinar.

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International business schools worldwide meet on October 8 at the MBA day in Frankfurt, organized by e-fellows. ESMT Berlin is looking forward to meeting prospective students there!

“The MBA Day reinforced my decision to pursue an MBA. Thanks to the conversations with the admission staff and alumni, I could collect helpful information and, finally, I was accepted by all business schools I had applied for. I would really recommend the participation in the MBA Day to everyone interested in the Master of Business Administration.” Participant in the MBA Day

Check our MBA program:

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Congratulations! CB Bhattacharya has been selected as a Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher by Thomson Reuters! Highly Cited Researchers 2016 represents some of world’s most influential scientific minds.

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View pictures of our last event "Lunch Discussion: Agenda of the German G20 Presidency" with Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, former Prime Minister of Canada; Dr. Domenico Lombardi, Director of the Global Economy Program, CIGI; Prof. Jörg Rocholl, President, ESMT Berlin
Prof. Dennis Snower, IfW Kiel, and moderator Stefan Wagstyl, Chief Germany Correspondent, Financial Times. 

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Another piece of ESMT #knowledge - #IoT
"Many companies are on a mad rush to embrace the so called internet of things (IoT). It seems that everyone is doing so and that it would be a strategic mistake not to do so. And, if we are to believe all the hype, the payback is enormous."

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P & K Pühringer Gemeinnützige Stiftung allocates 10 million EUR to ESMT Berlin and promotes further projects

Read more about it:

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Our latest MIM video is out - enjoy watching!
The ESMT Master's in Management combines fieldwork in global companies with applied coursework and research on the latest business and management theories.

Learn more:

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Microsoft Surface Hub an der ESMT Berlin. Vorgestellt von Robert Wilke, Head of IT, an der ESMT European School of Management and Technology GmbH, Schlossplatz 1, Berlin. An der ESMT Berlin ist die Windows-10-Wand schon für Professoren und MBA-Studenten im Einsatz. Mehr zu den Einsatz-Szenarien in seinen Charts.
Robert Wilke, ESMT Berlin
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Die Teams von Vinnolit und Stadtwerke Hannover gewinnen den MARGA Online #Planspiel  Wettbewerb, herzlichen Glückwunsch!

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ESMT Berlin study: How Greek bailout money has been spent and the political implications
New research by Prof. Jörg Rocholl, President of ESMT Berlin, and Axel Stahmer, ESMT Berlin, analyses the actual amounts provided to the Greek government in the three bailout programs since 2010.

Read the five political implications:

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