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If you have kids??!!  Can they be with me?  Hahahahaha.

Niti Kupatavetin

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Now that's what I call unity.
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Niti Victor Kupatavetin
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I ****ing hate this place. I gave them not one... not two... not even 3 chances (strikes). I gave them 4, and they still struck out. I'm sure others may have had a better experience here, but for whatever reason, I never really had a good one. 1/4: Number of times a server attended to us in a timely (<10 minutes) manner (sat at bar). 0/4: Number of times my order arrived before the rest of my group finished eating. 0/4: Number of times my order arrived correct (even when late). 2/4: Number of times my order arrived tasting acceptable. (mediocre at best). 2/4: Number of times they charged me (or tried to) for more things than I ordered. 3/4 times, I tipped them an acceptable amount anyway (at least 15%). The 4th time was the last time I was there, where the service was so bad, our group of 5 unanimously agreed to tip the server exactly 1 penny (we were still nice, so each). I sincerely would rather eat dog food than go back here. At least I know it's dog food, and the service will be better.
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