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Here is the roll for the second week of 3 Ingredient Solo Play! for #SoloGamingAppreciationMonth2015!

The second set of three ingredients are:
 (1) a person in a spiral,
(2) something falling from the sky behind a person, and
(3) a circus tent. 

The bonus world event is:
Thousands turn out for Million Mask March:

Link your play report in the comments! Happy solo gaming!

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A little early, but with the Halloween weekend I wanted to make sure that the first week of 3 Ingredient Solo Play! for #SoloGamingAppreciationMonth2015 was available ASAP.

The first three ingredients are:
 (1) an airliner,
(2) a bindle (hobo travel sack on a stick), and
(3) a rat. 

The bonus world event is:
22 Shipwrecks Found in the Same Location

In your play report please note that you are using the Week 1 ingredients, and I will try and maintain this post with links to those play reports.

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Kenny the Roleplaying Sage interviewed me!

Just wanted to share. I know he's interviewing Tana (and possibly one other as well). Was a really fun interview. Really made me think on a few things. Hope you all enjoy!

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It's been a long road. I have been working on my GM emulator system for over two years. Thank you to all the people here who helped greatly bring it to life and refined it to be a truly great tool for solo roleplaying.

+Kenny Norris asks in his SoloRP mailing list the question of how do people handle NPC's that may have secrets and half-truths a GM would normally handle. I asked Kenny if we could discuss it here, and he agreed it would be okay.

I can think of three ways in order of easy to hard:

(1) Amorphous NPC - ask only what you need to know about the NPC and let the NPC slowly take shape across the game. Hopefully a tool you are using will provide a surprise, and since the whole of the NPC is not set in concrete that "secret" can then be revealed.

(2) Disguise - based on some roll, such as Mythic's "doubles" throw out some portion of the NPC and replace it with the real motivation. This can be hard because there will be past/future fallout based on the NPC's earlier actions.

(3) Metagame - this is hard, but take the hat of the GM, and then play cat and mouse with the PC. Allow only the world to revolve around the secret/half-truth while the PC has to act according to the lie until such a time that the secret is revealed. I've found that while this is hard, it can be a really good tool to becoming a great roleplayer of the PC.

What are your thoughts on NPC secrets?

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My Random PC - using this framework

UNE: a lively outcast who (i) persecutes resources, (ii) attends science, and (iii) manages lust. He reminds me already of someone, so I'll add more context and call him Baelish.

(i) Under persecutes resources, I get the Waylay from BOLD of "abnormal pursuit" overcome by a strong attribute. 

I get the feeling that Baelish used to be part of the ruling class in the sky of Kyr-Nok. Now he is in the corrupt middle. The abnormal pursuit was the pursuit of his wealth and status, and he overcame it by weathering the storm with guile and contacts. He is now in a position for revenge, and goes after the upper class who have much wealth.

(ii) For "attends science" I get the Waylay "regular social environ" overcome by a close friend. 

Since he doesn't have any upper class friends now, Baelish surrounds himself with "projects", and oh, how the men of science create such beautiful, interesting, and deadly projects. With his closest ally, Baelish attends the discussions and meetings learning about new ways that science will shape the world. He doesn't care so much for the science as much as these "tools", both people and their projects.

(iii) For manages lust I get "tedious disappearance" overcome by faction intervention.

Baelish has his hands in everything, with his most central and profitable enterprise being a house of love. Some of his courtesans are free men and woman, many are slaves, and any that try to run away are made to come back. The major local [criminal] organization, The Harpers, usually find the runaways, and they are well paid to do so. Baelish finds it rather tedious when a prized courtesan slips away, and the punishment is usually quite harsh. Lucky ones make it to the Aquilaea, free from Baelish's reach. 

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Constellations of Ar-Nothar

Idea Generator:

Focus: a legend of the country Ar-Nothar that became a constellation. 

Add'l Notes: Feel free to solo roleplay your legend using any other tools or generators you want to guide the story of the legend.

Round 1: create a legend from the generator.

Round 2: create a legend from the generator that  relies upon a legend from Round 1 (preferably not your Round 1 legend)

Round 3+: create more legends

Let's shoot for ending Round 1 Sunday 11/2/14.

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Hey all. I've taken a slight detour from working on my GM emulator to create TOSS. I owe a lot to 9Q's and The Extraordinaires (from makers of Rory's Story Cubes), and I tried to create something along those lines. TOSS is a solo framework to create a small bite solo roleplaying experience for something like at a bus stop or during a long commercial break. 

This is a draft copy. I am going to put the final up on DTRPG for free (not PWYW) with working links and further editing. 

Any feedback at all is greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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Hi all! I just released BOLD on DTRPG. Thank you again to all that provided feedback on the playtest. It was invaluable! BOLD became clearer and more refined because of this community. 

I thought about this based on +Geoff Osterberg 's last post sharing the blog post. A lot of discussion has been had on trying to emulate that feeling of having a GM with loads going on behind the GM screen. I know that +Alex Yari and +Kenneth Norris are big on looking at the theory of solo playing a GM, etc.

Anyway, this Musing stems from the fact that I am next up as GM for my group. I am going to try something new, which is use Atomic Robo RPG's Brainstorms to push the adventures. Brainstorms are where the GM provides "unexplainable phenomenon" and the players use their Aspects to create facts and ultimately a hypothesis about it. We have a science guy, and occult guy, a crime guy, an espionage guy, etc. so I am hoping that Brainstorms push in wildly creative ways.

What this means ultimately is that I don't have much behind the curtain. Certainly I will be the ultimate decider of "what is real", but the players are going to have a huge amount of world control. 

This got me thinking further about how a GM preps a campaign. A bad GM will do it in a vacuum. A good GM considers the strengths and flaws of the PC's. The best GM asks what kind of stories the players like to play. Again, the GM is not this Chinese Wall of the world. He has to become contaminated with the player's investments. 

I think this idea of "GM control", especially one we try and "emulate" in solo RP is a farce. It's just as contaminated in a conventional gaming group as it is in solo RP. 

I would say though that solo RP has the benefit of pushing creatively towards stories that may never be told at the table because each solo RP'er knows that any story vector is open, whereas a conventional group needs to maintain interest. A story of love or heartbreak will never, ever happen with my conventional group, and that's a pretty classic story.
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