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Question the answer.
Question the answer.

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Is there a way of creating a 432 Hz tone program in Mindroid, +Petr Nalevka ? I tried but the frequency range is upto 30 Hz only on android. I am new to this so there may be something i am missing...

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Ordered! Awaiting delivery, eagerly!

The content in the help section of the Android DASH wallet needs to be edited. I'd like to suggest new and updated content. Whom do I send an email to with this new content?

Cleared the cache of my android. Now my local currency is not appearing in the list of currencies for DASH wallet. Defaulting to USD. I need INR.

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How many times do I need to backup my DASH wallet? Once in its lifetime? Every day? Sorry it is not clear to me.

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If I don't have a handset that has external storage (Nexus 6P) what is best method of backup you recommend?

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Intermediate Review: Good read!.

Happy Birthday +Joni Niemelä​ have a good year ahead. And wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance!
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