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Marina OLoughlin
"Marina is the world's expert on pies" Suzanne Moore
"Marina is the world's expert on pies" Suzanne Moore

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The Turner Contemporary is now doing dinner in its cafe. And I am happy happy joy joy.

Things I don't like on here, first in a series:

I don't know how to say hello to people I know without joining onto an existing post. And if they don't have an existing post, I'd have to start a thread going 'Hi old pal' which is lame.

I don't like the feeling that the popular boys and gals are all having sneaky, wildly exciting Circle whispering sessions that I'm not invited to.

I'm constantly confused as to where my last convo is unless I basically live here. And I've a bad enough online habit as it is.

I don't know who can read what, despite Lucy Pepper's helpful and decorative cartoons.

There seems to be far less opportunity for random interaction, discovery of new people (most of the people in my Circles I either know IRL or from twitter) and surprising 'friendships'.

Basically, after giving it a red hot go, I still MUCH prefer Twitter.

~does that thing of coming on Google+ to talk about Google+~
~goes back to Twitter~
~prob comes back in about ten mins or so~

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Fay's review of newly-opened (of course) Galoupet. Sounds niiiiice...

We are all, apparently, 'boosting our whuffies'. Fave new word after 'sockpuppetry'.

I've realised that the only reason I'm here is that it's invite-only. You can take the girl out of Glasgow....

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I absolutely love the game gals in this blog about stylish seniors. Check out Beatrix for how it should be done.

I have no idea how to say hello to anyone who adds me. So hello Shawn and Jessica... Also, everyone's just going in the one big circle. ~end of dull update~ ~enjoys using tilde~

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Lucy Pepper - who says she's making a film about being in here for which I'm gagging - on being a Google+ early adopter.

I have managed cleverly to delete everyone I just added. Deepest joy.
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