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If you need to clean your car in between auto detailing cleanings be sure to only use those products recommended or provided by your auto-detailing specialist. Never use house-cleaning products meant for your home as these often contain ammonia, which will damage various elements on your car.

When determining whether a wax or paint sealant is best for your vehicle, some things to keep in mind are whether you want the look of a glassy, hard shell or a deep, liquid shine.

If your car has a leather interior, it needs to be cared for and maintained. Over time, contaminants will invade the material and cause it to break down. Periodically cleaning and conditioning the leather will keep it supple and looking great for the life of the car.

When we use carnauba wax on your vehicle, you can expect it to come out looking like a deep, liquid pool that shimmers under different light conditions.

One advantage of letting us hand-wash your car is that we do not miss spots like commercial washes do.

Just like vacuuming your house, getting your car detailed regularly keeps it in perfect condition, reduces interior allergens and dust, and can even improve the value of your vehicle.

Clearcoat adds the illusion of a shiny finish even when your car is slightly dirty. Remember that Clearcoat is paint applied at the factory when your car was being built; therefore, it is vulnerable to oxidation and scratching.

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According to auto trade-in experts such as the Kelley Blue Book, cars in good mechanical and aesthetic condition are valued as much as $1,500 more than those in fair condition are.
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