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Episode 5 is out! As with every week, we leave up the episode for one week for free before taking it down. If you wanna get all 15 episodes, my RAW files, bonus videos, and more, see below.

As for Episode 5, join me in "What Happens When You Sit Too Close to the TV"! In this episode, I visit one of the most amazing places in the world, the Deadvlei in Namibia. While here taking photos, I share a story from when he was a little boy and got my first Atari 2600. Which taught me something I did not expect about colors.

Share your photos and discuss this Episode in Trey's Funky Lounge at or get the whole series at

Notes from our amazing production team:

Entirely shot in Africa, Trey wanted to do something totally different, something he had never done before. This series explores the answers to the following questions…

“What is it like to become an artist?”

“What is it like to find that creative self inside of you?”

and for the practitioner: “How does take and post-process his photos?”

Trey begins each episode with a very personal story. These might be strange stories from his childhood, embarrassing stories as a grown-up, or just weird stories about how he became an artist. You’ll hear how these stories emerged as life lessons which impacted his photography and art. The 15 episodes touch upon topics such as composition, color, light, and inspiration. This series will not only show you lots of photography tips & tricks but will inspire you to take your art in bold, new, and interesting directions.

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Selling jewelry online becomes more and more popular every day. That’s why major jewelry retailers now more than ever want to enhance the online browsing experience. This tendency creates a whole new niche for product photographers, where they can express their creativity and make more money.
We are proud to present you our new unique Jewelry 360 Video Course, where we’ll teach you all the secrets of creating stunning videos of bracelets, rings, and more.

Course page:

In this exclusive course you will learn:
How to choose the right gearYou’ll learn how to choose the proper equipment, setup your camera, and lenses. Besides, we’ll help you to pick turntable and will show you how to use it.
How to setup the most flattering lighting for various types of jewelryWe’ll cover the lighting specifics for different kinds of jewelry, as well as will show you how to use light modifiers to make them pop.
How to shoot on different backgrounds

We’ll show you how to use various backgrounds to accentuate your products, including bracelets, rings, and pendants.
The secrets of post production

Using the right software for post production is one of the key elements of creating a breathtaking video. We’ll walk you through the most famous ones such as Final Cut and Apple Motion. Along with explaining how to perfect your product, clean the dust, polish gemstones, and eliminate small defects.
How to make the final preparationsThis part will cover the finishing parts of your post production process, such as choosing music and exporting your video.

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Microscopic photography is truly extraordinary
Watch how Levon Biss creates 10,000 microscopic photos of single insects and composes them into extremely large and detailed images that can be printed 3 meters high.
This is meticulous work that goes beyond just photography. It is educational in a much broader sense as it gives the general public a microscopic view of creatures they wouldn't normally appreciate.
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Wow. is this a game changer for drone pilots? Cool thing, hope its real:)

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The Golden Gate bridge. San Francisco
Original taken with a Nikon N75 on Kodak Portra 160 film.
Darkroom print from paper negative through texture (and crazy filtering too) 

Its never easy to photograph landmarks so I usually avoid it. But on this particular day the colors, the sky, the crisp air, just seemed so perfect to photograph the Golden Gate, So I did.
When printing this photo I knew I need a different approach or I'll get stuck with yet another boring image of the Golden Gate. So I decided on taking it to the 70's and make it look just the way I've imagined it back then.
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