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Michael Fischer
I know where my towel is.
I know where my towel is.

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Looks like fun!

My prom date (Megan) and I are at the Eastside Showroom 

True story. I spilled a little beer on my jeans while an engineer in a horse head mask played "Careless Whispers" on a sax during our weekly meeting. 

Did your company serve Torchy's with mimosas already today? Mine did. I love BV. #BVROCKS #damngoodtacos

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He's crazy if he thinks Gnu/Hurd will be ready by then.

Good game Wisconsin! Well played. #bbn #gocats 

So... How much does a ref cost in Indiana these days? #bbn

Great first half Cats, now we need to shut 'em down! #bbn #catfanintexas 

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This is going to be a great game! Being with all of these fans is terrific. #gocats #catfaninteas #bbn #blackfinn

So much KY blue here! #catfanintexas #bbn #blackfinn #gocats
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