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compatible or not is not the key point. The key point is Google want to control this career
Hey John Spelich -- We agree that the Aliyun OS is not part of the Android ecosystem and you're under no requirement to be compatible.

However, the fact is, Aliyun uses the Android runtime, framework and tools.  And your app store contains Android apps (including pirated Google apps).  So there's really no disputing that Aliyun is based on the Android platform and takes advantage of all the hard work that's gone into that platform by the OHA.  

So if you want to benefit from the Android ecosystem, then make the choice to be compatible.  Its easy, free, and we'll even help you out.  But if you don't want to be compatible, then don't expect help from OHA members that are all working to support and build a unified Android ecosystem.

Diaoyu island is Chinese not Japanese.

nano SIM card, iphone5 is a rubbish.

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It is interesting

               . The Ladies Of Your Life

ecloud and vmware
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