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What would you call this image? Best title by number of +1
will be set here with the mentioning of respected author.  ;)
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The Tennis Player's Prayer
Please don't let me be so nervous
When I toss the ball for service.

Give me speed and strength unhaulting,
Aces and no double-faulting.

Instill in me the skill and dash
Of Agassiie, Williams, Roddick and Ashe.

When a high lob starts to fall,
Must I always miss the ball?

Lord, I know you could, I'm sure,
Find me a Tennis Elbow cure.

With the guidance from above,
Never let me fall in 'love.'

And, Lord, while on matters of this sort
Please let me find an open court!!

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How long will it take before Ellen De Genres snaps him up to appear on her show?

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Trippiest Gif EVER? on Google+?
source: > > tripp3d-out on Tumbler!
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