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New possibilities for participation are coming... What types research would you like your +Android phone, tablet, tv, or other household device to help advance?  (share your ideas in the comments below)
Thank you +WIRED for the latest coverage on our latest development.  The addition of +Android support for volunteer computing brings about millions of new devices and cycles to advance distributed computing projects.

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If you are looking for a new computer or power supply and plan to be using it often while participating in GridRepublic... the 80 plus certifications pay off saving you money.

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Still going strong... #wcgrid , congratulations!
Happy 8th Birthday, World Community Grid! 8 years of advancing humanitarian research!

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Super efficient computing at <5 Watts of power.
Less than 70 hours remain for this Kickstarter project to bring highly paralleled computing out of laboratory price range down to hobby price of $99 and open to developers to explore.  (also acts as an Ubuntu computer like Raspberry pi, but faster they claim)

This could be a new SETI@home(they listed as a possible application to port in their survey) or other project accelerating card or computer.

Can the BOINC community help them reach their goal?  What project would you want to see ported first?

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Posting for #caturday  while the computer is researching how to cure diseases after joining GridRepublic.  What a great way to spend the day.

Have you ever caught your pet watching the GridRepublic screensavers?
The computer cat has been busy making posts all day for #caturday ;)

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This is a great accomplishment thanks to you.  More projects will are coming.  What kind of research do you want to see?
Computing for Sustainable Water project of 6 months and Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy - Phase 2 project of 2.5 years at the World Community Grid are now are finishing up their last units of work.

Thank you to all those who contributed computing time to these projects.

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If you're outside for #buggyfriday  you can help even more resarchers through other citizen science projects.
Make your #BuggyFriday  share more with some citizen science projects about bugs. Photograph, count, and share your findings!  See a list of projects at

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Partnerships can bring good to many - Charities, Researchers, and Individuals. +Charity Engine is powered by +BOINC and +GridRepublic.
+Charity Engine is covered in an article by +BBC News! There is so much potential for good research and benefits for charities to further their causes.

+GridRepublic and +BOINC have made a great team in this initiative.

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For #EarthDay we encourage you to join projects accessible through GridRepublic helping to create a more sustainable world:

World Community Grid > The Clean Energy Project - Identify potential Solar Cell materials for more efficient solar panels. - help run simulations about Earth's weather systems for a better understanding of where things are going and why severe weather happens.

Install the GridRepublic software on your computer to help run simulations in the background of your computer for this research while you write papers, surf the web, or do whatever you do on your computer. Learn more at:

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The #sxsw #sxaction talk on Collectively Outsmarting Malaria featured a new mission to help advance research. The current directive is to excite and harness the skills of technology developers and designers to create games that tackle malaria directly. The site launched is join if you are or know people who may be interested in this project.

The Initial Project:
For 2012 our project is to support you in creating a set of computer games designed to support the Malaria modeling work of Africa@home(

We'll provide infrastructure: Data and APIs to get data from and submit jobs to a central modeling server; and we hope you'll build games around these tools. A well designed game will in effect harness human intelligence to optimize the Malaria models. More info inside / to come....

Areas of Work
Developer Outreach
Data Visualization
Game Design

Help build a crowdsourced set of games to tackle malaria research in new ways.
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