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На атомный гриб похоже.
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Ivan Mashchenko

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Galactic Fishing Shack
A shack in a small fishing village on the shore of Nova Scotia, Canada under the incredibly dark sky.

Credit: Adam Woodworth
Adam's website:
Release Date: July 4, 2016

+Adam Woodworth 

Technical details:
On my recent trip through Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, I had a Nikon D5 that Nikon was loaning to me to test out at night for an upcoming article. Normally I use 10 shots for the sky (each at ISO 12,800, 10 seconds, f/2.8) and stack them in Starry Landscape Stacker for the Mac to get a low noise result in the sky, but I wanted to test out the D5's sensor and high ISO performance. So while I did take 10 shots of the sky, I used only one and forced myself to use noise reduction in software more than I would normally need to use for the sky, to see how it would come out. The result is pretty good, and there is less amp color noise in the corners and underexposed areas at a really high ISO with the D5 than I've seen with most other Nikons. Stay tuned for the full article.

Nikon D5, Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens. One shot for the sky at f/2.8, ISO 12,800, 10 seconds, at 19mm. Two shots for the foreground at different focus distances and then stacked for depth of field, each shot at ISO 1600, f/2.8, 4 minutes, at 19mm. As usual, I prepared the raw files in Lightroom, stacked & blended them all in Photoshop, and continued with creative edits in Photoshop.

#Astronomy #Space #Science #MilkyWay #Galaxy #Stars #Astrophotography #Art #Earth #Canada #NovaScotia #STEM #Education
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Ivan Mashchenko

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In celebration of World Emoji Day on July 17, the Detroit Institute of Arts will release a guide to 13 DIA masterpieces in the form of Apple emojis. The DIA has posted combinations of emojis representing singular works from the museum’s collection for followers to guess on social media, but the emoji guide features 13 works together in one place. The museum will encourage users to post their own emoji interpretations of works from the collection in conjunction with the release of the guide July 17. The idea for the campaign grew out of a practice by some DIA staff members to text each other emoji interpretations of artworks and make each other guess which works they were referencing. Staff members had so much fun playing this game that they decided to share it with the public to engage new audiences and carry out the museum’s mission of helping people find personal connections with art.
In celebration of World Emoji Day on July 17, the a href= target= _blank Detroit Institute of Arts /a will release a guide to 1
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Ivan Mashchenko

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Ivan Mashchenko

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The Milky Way over Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are an archipelago and autonomous community of Spain located just off the southern coast of Morocco.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Credit: Project Nightflight
Location: La Palma Island, Canary Islands, Spain
Image Date: June 14, 2016

#Astronomy #Space #Science #MilkyWay #Galaxy #Stars #Airglow #ZodiacalLight  #Astrophotography #Art #Earth #LaPalma #Island #Canary #Islands #Spain #España #STEM #Education #IslasCanarias
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Ivan Mashchenko

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Analysis of DNA from some of the world's first farmers shows that they had surprisingly diverse origins.
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Ivan Mashchenko

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Looks cozy...
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Ivan Mashchenko

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Oh Florida....
Reportedly mistaking a pair of teenage Pokémon Go players parked outside his house early Saturday morning for criminals, a Palm Coast, Florida man opened fire on their vehicle. The teens escaped unscathed. The car, not so much.
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Ivan Mashchenko

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A great tool to learn arts history - an interactive map of [300 most famous] artists and styles. Everything is clickable. Explore!

#art   #artists #history   #interactive    #infographic   #education  
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IT consultant and project manager, Scala & C# & T-SQL developer, SMB IT system engineer, hotel and travel agency manager, business negotiatior, UX and business process critic, QA enthusiast, certified Rockwell Arena simulation modelling speciallist and trainer, fluent English, Russian and Czech speaker
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In general

I am a person of very wide tastes and interests. I enjoy everything that «has a heart» (© C. Castañeda). I enjoy to meet and try to understand different people, to study and master different new things, to explore, to feel, to taste, to understand.

Having some areas of professional expertise secured and going further I consider myself a generalist rather than a specialist. The ultimate goal of a generalist is being a polymath and reconstructing the whole puzzle, the ultimate goal for a specialist as he specializes is, saying roughly, knowing everything about nothing. «... specialization is for insects.» " (© Lazarus Long (R. A. Heinlein)) :-)

In practice

I mostly earn my bread from working in the IT industry and its crossings with finance, media and travel industries.

My favourite programming languages are Scala and C# but I can use many other languages if they fit better (for a particular task). I use Linux (XUbuntu) as my primary OS (I also like Windows XP, FreeBSD, QNX and DOS). I am a certified Rockwell Arena simulation engineer and trainer.

Location and communication

I live in Prague, Czech Republic (and feel it being the best place in the world I have been to, according to my taste).

I can speak English, Russian and Czech languages fluently. I can understand Slovak, Ukrainian and Belorussian with almost the same ease. I've also got some basic skills in French (used to speak near fluently but have forgotten because of lack of practice), German (studying right now) and Polish. Needless to say I am fond of languages.

I prefer e-mail as the main communication channel, Skype when an audial conversation feels more convenient and Google+ as a social network. I am glad to meet exciting people from all over the world.

Social networking policy

All my posts are either public (the majority) or personal. I make no limited or circle-specific and almost no community posts.

I can hardly be insulted religiously (though I am not a pure atheist and don't advocate abuse) or any way alike. I never report posts other than those I can qualify as SPAM. At the same time I can myself post or reshare something of questionable appropriateness on occasion - if you are going to dislike that and don't want to see anything like that in your stream (or, for example, if your underage children can access your Googe+ on occasion) I strongly encourage you to unfollow and, if necessary, block me rather than to report.

I rarely post any original content. I mostly reshare whatever catches my eye. But I am not a bot and am prone to very active discussion participation in comments.

I use to review people who starts following me (as far as Google+ notifies me about it) and follow back if the profile seems an alive, interesting personality (I also don't mind explicit content or content of questionable appropriateness). But don't bother following me if you're a bot or a network marketer doing it just to get me follow back. If you think I might like following you but believe I have missed your emergence - please don't hesitate to leave a comment at a post of mine or contact me personally.

If you can't see any activity from my side for a relatively long period of time - that most probably neither means I'm dead nor I have given up using Google+. Some times I just need some solitude.

Religious views

What I usually testify to be my "religion" is agnosticism, a mild meritocratic, somewhat stoic sort. I personally believe that the G-d (whatever meaning we consider) speaks to one through his own reason and conscience and rarely through the mouths of clerics. I generally dislike fanaticism, excessive ritualism, dogmatism and clericalism, and condemn anti-secular, anti-education, anti-ecumenism, anti-sexuality and anti-equality parts. At the same time I think that almost all the religious, esoteric and philosophical teachings, as well as cultures and sciences harbour a piece of divine wisdom so I respect their followers as far as they act peacefully and with respect to others. Among the deadliest sins I condemn are hypocrisy, ignorance and their promotion. Among the key merits I value are intelligence, knowledge and honesty of a person to oneself (and to others of course but being honest to oneself is essential).

Political views

A state policy of my dream is liberal social technocracy. Liberal because people are to be free (while, not to forget, security (including social) is a precondition to freedom), social because taking care of the basic social as well as physical security is the ultimate function of a state and almost the only obvious reason for a state to exist (without it anarchy seems no worse), technocracy because serious things are to be engineered and driven a mindful way, by accordingly qualified professionals.
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