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Got my first OmniTI Seeds article published. It's a rundown on what histograms are, why they're useful, and how to set one up with Circonus.

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Comments in JSON

I removed comments from JSON because I saw people were using them to hold parsing directives, a practice which would have destroyed interoperability. I know that the lack of comments makes some people sad, but it shouldn't.

Suppose you are using JSON to keep configuration files, which you would like to annotate. Go ahead and insert all the comments you like. Then pipe it through JSMin before handing it to your JSON parser.

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OH: "The best explanation I've read is that evangelicals are like Coke Jesus, and they view other christians as Pepsi Jesus...OK but not quite the same flavor of Jesus...but Mormons are like the RC cola of Jesus and holy shit that fucking sucks fuck you get that shit out of here."

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"When I reach to the edge of the universe
I do so knowing that along some paths of cosmic discovery
There are times when, at least for now,
One must be content to love the questions themselves"
- Neil deGrasse Tyson
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