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Bhatura from frozen dinner rolls
I have been debating about posting this
on my blog.   I won't call it a recipe, but it is a brilliant short cut I learned from a friend.   My kids love it!   There are a few
people (and I mean one or two) who think this is not good enough to be called bhatu...

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Vegetable Biryani
You know how there are some recipes you never try, because
you have tasted the ultimate version and can never hope to get even close to
that level of flavor and taste?    Am I
the only one who feels this way?   I never
attempt to make sambar/rasam powder or...

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Tomato Rice with left over rice and sprouted masoor dal
We’ve been really busy, with beginning
of school year, soccer tryouts, new schedules, and finishing up minor projects
that we started over summer. I had my back-to-school night on
Janmashtami.   I rushed home from school
and painted little Krishna feet in m...

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Red Bell Pepper Chutney
--> I first tasted this chutney 17 years
ago in Philadelphia.   My friend, Harini,
had made it and I loved it!   We traveled
to the east coast when my youngest was about 3 – 4 months old and my older son,
4 years old.   My husband had some work in
Boston an...

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Dal Tadka – Masoor Dal (red lentils)
It has been a while since I posted a
recipe.   I have been away on a trip with
my friends.   3 weeks went by in a
blur.   We visited some amazing temples - built
over 1,000 years ago, celebrated a special birthday, spent time just lazing
around and being pa...

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Vegetarian Mexican rice
When my son comes back home after his
semester ends, he normally asks me to make Indian food, hopefully involving
paneer. This time, when I asked him what he
would like, he said, “can we have pizza or Mexican?   It has been ages since I had those”.   He was...

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Vegetarian Green Chile Tamales
A bit of background information: We got married in 1994.   My husband left Chennai a couple of days
after the wedding, because he had exhausted all his vacation .   I joined him in Colorado a
couple of months later.   Boulder was a
great place – several Ind...

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Anu’s mom’s crispy potato curry
Lunch used to be a big deal in high
school.    By the time we reached high school, the
lunch we brought from home was no longer ours.   We use to bring food so that our friends could eat our food and we could
eat theirs. Since my students have
apparently st...

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Karuvepillai Kuzhambu - Curry leaves kuzhambu
Be warned my friends and fellow
foodies   - if you have a low tolerance
for spicy food, this is not a post for you.   My son was out for pretty much the
whole day on Saturday.   First he had
volunteering at an event at CU (Univ or Colorado) and then a socce...

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Simple Sprouted Kala Chana Curry – no onion, no garlic
It has been a while since I posted a
recipe.   We lost a dear friend – a great
soul, who has touched so many lives in a positive way, a guy with a great sense
of humor, a fantastic writer, a guy who brought so many people together, and
opened his home to an...
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