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emily ryan
manhattan to tahoe | formerly a Southerner | lover of coffee, tacos and anything awesome
manhattan to tahoe | formerly a Southerner | lover of coffee, tacos and anything awesome

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On Your 1st Birthday - Things To Remember Forever
Dear Bear, First of all, I have tried to write this 3 times now and ended up bawling every time, like a huge mama mess -- crying of happiness because I love being your mama so much and just disbelief that your first year is over. I will try to write this on...

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The Ryan's are on!
Super excited to have our wild cross-country adventure story featured on as a part of their "Extraordinary Journeys" online series (in collaboration with Holiday Inn ).  It was indeed one extraordinary journey (to say the least...) as we tr...

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TOP 10 Things I Like About Living In Tahoe
I've been really struggling with where to take this blog for quite some time (obviously). "Manhattan Emily" doesn't quite work for our new life living in Lake Tahoe. Just doesn't know. I've also been struggling with what exactly I want this littl...

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three men in my life
Sometimes you take a random photo and it becomes so much more than that. These are three from a hike the other day (to Eagle Falls) with Josh, my dad and Bear and these photos, I think, are so beautiful. Ok, so they may have a filter on them, but barely...i...

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tahoe: our new little life
Barely a filter Tahoe-ness! It's taken me weeks to finally sit down and put some thoughts on to paper about our massive transition from NYC to Tahoe. I still have moments every day when I can't believe we actually picked up and moved our entire life from Ma...

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U S A in 18 Days (some photos from the road)
One of the few family "selfies" we got from the road. This from our tent in Moab. We left NYC on April 30th and I'll never forget driving down into the Lincoln Tunnel and turning to look back knowing that was might last view of NYC for a very long time. A c...

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Sorry New York... (a letter to nyc by josh ryan)
I'm really excited to share the first ever blog by my husband! Big stuff, folks. 11 years ago I told this Cincinnati, Ohio fella that I was moving to NYC to pursue a career in theatre and thankfully he came up with me and ended up loving life here (many tim...

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My Top 20 NYC Moments
In one week from today, we will cross through the Lincoln Tunnel to NJ and head towards a new life out West. All I can think of are the hundreds of crazy NYC memories from the last 11 years. Too many crazy ones to try to process. The best , though, are thos...

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on leaving new york...
Deciding to leave New York is not an easy decision. It's actually a terrifyingly hard to decision when you actually do it. You talk for years about it and it feels so amazing to think about life outside the city, until you actually decide to go through with...

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And so it goes...we leave New York.
Some exciting news to announce... So today is the day that I tell you that we're moving away from the place we've called home for 11 years. We're quitting NYC, cold turkey, on April 30th and moving West. Far west. To Lake Tahoe, CA/NV. Tahoe, a pla...
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