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Have you recently been in a car accident? There are typically 3 things that can happen to you when you've been in a car accident.
1. The accident seems relatively minor and you don't feel like you've been hurt.
2. The accident was at least enough to give you a good jolt. You get a little soreness that day and a little worse over the next day or two, but within a couple of days of that you start to feel pretty good again.
3. The accident is significant, you have pain and the pain isn't going away over the next week or so, then you start going to the doctor and getting treatments.

Did you know that the accident in Number 2 above might be the one that causes you the most problems? The reason for this is since your pain is going, or has gone away, you figure that you're ok. The danger here is that since you are feeling better, you think everything is fine and then never go to get checked to see if you did have any injury that needed some treatment. You got sore in the first place because of some tissue damage from the forces in the accident. Likely some of the vertebrae in your neck or back also became misaligned and are now not functioning properly and may even be "pinching nerves". If you let this go because you are feeling ok, or even if you do see your primary doctor for some anti inflammatories and muscle relaxers and then get some physical therapy, you still have not gotten these misaligned vertebrae corrected. The real problem then comes some time later when you get arthritis in these injured areas or end up with fibromyalgia, or worse problems.

If you've been in an accident, don't gamble with your future health. Call me today at 412-794-8945 to get a special auto accident injury evaluation and you'll know for sure if you do or don't have any injuries that need treatment. 
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