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Chanjal S Kumar
A simple person with simple thoughts
A simple person with simple thoughts


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Home made Korean Skin care
Korean skin care is the most popular skincare in the
world.  Each of their steps is detailed
and takes care of every single possible issue on the skin. Taking care of the
skin in that detail would basically stop time for the skin or even better make
time go...

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Korean skin care secrets.
Koreans have
the best skin you can imagine. Their skin is radiant, glowing, fresh, pale,
flawless and perfect as a dream. Korean skin secrets are one among
the most searched on the internet. But if you ask a Korean all they say is
that, there was never a se...

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Reverse your hair loss
Hair loss has become the most common problem nowadays. The reasons could be immense stress, work load, medical problem, chemicals, pollution and much more. We believe the ads and campaigns run by different brands that a loss of 100 hair is normal. But who c...

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Natural remedies
Nature has always protected us. She has spawned medical properties to plants and such so as to cure us from small diseases.  Holy basil : Holy basil is a pure medical herb. Its called 'Tulsi'. Basically there are 3 types of tulsi, Rama tulsi ( with a lighte...

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My First Aid Box
Every house must have a
first aid box that contains medicines to heal certain minor health problems and
emergencies. These medicines can give immediate relief and help you solve minute problems you face. But if the problem persist its always better to go to...

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Beautiful hair
I researched on
hair a little before i concluded to what we are to discuss here. A few points
you need to remember before doing anything at all on your hair are: 1.Your hair is
very much different from others as the circumstances your hair is exposed differ...

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Scent magic (aroma tricks)
Have you ever wondered why mummies loose their appetite after preparing a grand feast? Or why does the smell of a baking cake increases your appetite? Well, its all because of your nose. Like vision and touch , smell does play a major role in our lives. And...

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Daily tips to look great
We are all born beautiful. Which baby is not cute? All are, but the magic begins in what is called "Maintenance". We need to retain our essentials to get us looking our best. a child has all he/she needs to radiate till the age of 3 after which moisture, hy...
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