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Andy Butler
Bird and wildlife watcher and photographer living in the Derbyshire Peak District
Bird and wildlife watcher and photographer living in the Derbyshire Peak District

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Varanger 21st - 24th June
We left Ivalo at around 10:00 in hard driving rain with a cold N wind and a temperature of 3℃, it was still raining when we stopped at Nelson Tuulan for a coffee. At least 4 male and 4 female or immature Pine Grosbeak were at the feeder and a Siberian Tit, ...

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Siberian Tit and Arctic Warbler 18th - 20th June
I had some time to spare and decided to revisit Kiilipaa to look for Willow Grouse again, I stopped overnight on Kaunispaa and heard the Dotterel calling as I dozed around midnight. At 03:30 I climbed out of my sleeping bag, got dressed and pulled down the ...

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Karigasniemi 14th - 16th June
I had read about Karigasniemi and Mount Ailigas in Wild Wings to the Northlands and whilst I wasn't sure I would have time to get there I had hoped to do so and in the end I have! I met a Scottish bird photographer, who was particularly interested in photog...

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Neljan Tuulen Tuppa - 10th - 12th June
What Era Eero is for Wolverine Neljan Tuulen Tuppa is for Pine Grosbeak. It is a roadside motel north of Ivalo that has bird feeders that have become synonymous with Pine Grosbeak.  Feeders at Neljan Tullen Tuppa In the winter there can be as many as 40 to ...

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Pyhantunturi and the hills of Kiilopaa and Kaunispaa 9th/10th and 13th June
Continuing North I drove through Sodankyla and back down to the ski village of Pyantunturi, I'd missed a turning that could have shortened my journey but not to worry. I chose a parking spot just outside the village by a lake with 50 Whoopers on it, very pi...

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Viiksimi to Kuusamo 5th - 8th June
I had always planned to travel north via Oulu. If there had been owls around I intended to do a Finnature trip but owls were apparently almost non-existent this year. I got a message from Jan as I drove north to say one Great Grey Owl had been found in the ...

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Brown Bears and Wolverine 2nd - 5th June
I had always planned to visit one of the places where there are hides for Brown Bear and there are several close to the Russian border north east of Parikkala. Some of the sites also get the occasional, almost mythical Wolverine but occasional to me general...

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SE Finland 30th May - 1st June
The ferry was very efficient and I boarded at 10:00 for the 10:30 crossing which cost 102€. The crossing took 2 hours and although there was a cold wind the sky was clear and it was flat calm so I stuck it out on the open deck. Mid-way across I had a party ...

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Estonia Part II - Haapsula, Matsula & the NW Coast 24th - 30th May
I drove more or less to Haapsula and slept overnight by the side of the road on the outskirts of town. That's the beauty of carrying your home with you, you can stop anywhere. Johnnie (Mcloughlan) had given me some sites on the coast north of Haapsula so I ...

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Estonia Part I - SW Coast to Tartu 20th May to 24th May
Driving north out of Latvia on the E67 just as I thought my Latvian birding was over I noticed a large raptor hovering over the far carriageway that looked interesting. I managed to get off the road and was delighted to see that it was a Rough-legged Buzzar...
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