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One can never know enough, nor ponder enough about links and search engine optimization. This article merits a quick read; though what he says about reviews on Google+ local is completely wrong. Reviews for local businesses matter a great deal for ranking. That said, read on, my friend.
Presented for your consideration, below are a number of linking-related comments, thoughts, ideas and other notes that I believe you’ll find thought-provoking, interesting or, at least, somewhat helpful. Bittersweet Vindication..? On April 30 of 2007, almost exactly seven years ago today, I wrote The Coming Link Apocalypse. This was before Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Buffy, Dewey, Vince, […]
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People often ask me, "How can you be so cynical about Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter?" Every once in a while, back goes the curtain on Silicon Valley and - gasp - we see that these corporations, while not "evil," are certainly brutal, self-centered competitors. To not grasp that fact is to delude oneself, and ultimately to be a worse marketer because of it.
An antitrust lawsuit filed by highly paid software engineers shows that the problem of wage theft is not confined to service-sector employees.
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I'm not in the naive camp on any company -- they're all in it for the profit. But WOW! If what that lawsuit alleges is true, that's mind-blowing. What were these guys thinking? That they would be able to keep this a secret forever? That kind of collusion always ends up getting out -- just ask MLB owners.
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LinkedIn hits 300 million, but I still wonder how many non-job seekers read their news feed on the site. Not to mention how annoying it is that you can't see someones post / stream like you can on Facebook or Twitter. Do you "believe in" LinkedIn like a marketer?
We are excited to announce that we reached a big milestone today: there are now more than 300 million LinkedIn members in the world! More than half of these members come from outside of the U.S., while there are 100 million members in the U.S. While this is an
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Jason McDonald

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Seth Godin's comments for today - are particularly important for any of us that have to deal with the Yelp community, especially that vocal but difficult-to-please contingent on Yelp of unhappy campers.
Seth Godin, of course, is one of my favorite marketing bloggers.  Today he writes - You will never, ever run out of strangers. And so, the goal of perfectly pleasing an infinite number of passersby is a fool's errand. They c...
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Personal Brand Management. Here's a short post as I start to think (more deeply) about this important marketing concept.
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Pray for us a anr udea
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AdWords has some "major" announcement. Here are links to the blog version and the full version on YouTube.  Enjoy, so to speak.
AdWords made some major announcements today (April 22nd). The main thrust seems to be better integration between desktop and mobile devices. You can read about them at Step inside the future of AdWords - YouTube video of a...
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Matt Cutts speaks on backlinks. Yes, Virginia, they still matter (a lot).
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Good reminder, Jason.
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Facebook, oh Facebook. Is it time for us marketers to break up with you? Are you on your way to being the next MySpace, or perhaps the whole social media thing is just going to be super fragmented?
Facebook, oh Facebook. So many of us once loved you (as people) and (as marketers). But now with the overly cluttered news feed, the endless "promoted posts" by companies we are not that into, and the inability of us to follo...
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Jason McDonald

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AdWords Innovations. Free "official" AdWords webinar is coming up on April 22nd. Learn more below:
Google AdWords must be up to something, as they are announcing a free Webinar to announce "major innovations" to AdWords. Here's the cryptic announcement: Register Today! Join us for a livestream on Tuesday, April 22, 201...
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Jason McDonald

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Click fraud on #AdWords still going strong reports Marketplace's David Weinberg.
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SEO Consultant, Social Media Marketing corporate trainer, Food Snob, and Wannabe Author
Making complicated things like SEO simple. Taking boring stuff and making it funny. Analogies.
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I lead SEO training classes for the JM Internet Group, and also conduct Social Media training classes.  I also teach live classes in SEO, Social Media Marketing and Google AdWords at AcademyX and Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco and at Stanford University, continuing studies.  I do lots of corporate workshops and trainings on SEO, Social Media, and AdWords and can even (hush hush) act as an expert witness.

I am Senior Editor at, a web portal and email service covering hi-tech embedded systems on the Internet, founded in 1994.  My Ph.D. is from U.C. Berkeley, and my B.A. is from Harvard. My MRS is my partner in crime and in life and my KIDS are what gives meaning to my life along with my PARENTS who are not an acronym but rather the two most wonderful Jedi masters I have so far encountered.

I really enjoy teaching Internet Marketing; so if you have questions, please reach out to me by email or call me at 415-655-1071. Happy to help!
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I have survived the dot-com bubble, the post dot-com bubble, and the housing bubble (sort of).
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    Tried to hook up with Bill Clinton while at Harvard but he was... uh... too busy for Al and me, so we invented the Internet instead. (Bill was very interested in IRC for some reason).
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    Creation of the Internet (with Al Gore), 1986 - 1992
    At UC Berkeley - GO BEARS - I tried to hunt down Bill Clinton again but was stuck with Robert Reich, so he and I invented an algorithm to do fact checking on those who never really understood what C+I-X-M meant.
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    High School (with Al Gore), 1977 - 1981
    GO HORNETS! The best high school in Tulsa, in Oklahoma, in the USA, and in the World.
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    GO I CAN'T REMEMBER OUR MASCOT! But I did learn a lot about peanuts.
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    GO oh heck we were just in elementary school! But it was Burroughs Little School, the 1970s and voluntary desegregation of Tulsa, Oklahoma, of which I am a very proud participant.
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    Prior to elementary school, I was just a kid. Really are you reading my Google+ profile at this level of detail. You are creeping me out. Now go back to work, really! I mean it!
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Fun San Francisco restaurant with a down-home feel. I had Halibut which was great, and some sort of fried vegetable thingie that had too much bacon for my taste. Waiter was great, and we had a nice time.
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A rarity in the modern word: shoe repair. Like most men, I have few shoes but the shoes I do have, I love. They're expensive - in the $200 per pair range, so they are worth repairing. But to find a shoe repair shop is not easy? My old shoe repair shop in Fremont, California, closed down. So on my way to my Stanford University class in SEO and Social Media Marketing... I found European Cobblery, and I am glad I did. Efficient, friendly, and good advice on how best to fix my shoes. My old friends are bok - my shoes, and I have a new friend - European Cobblery. I highly recommend this wonderful shoe repair service in Palo Alto.
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Transported from Fremont, California... to Newark... I am a long-time customer of Johnny's, Fremont's best barber soon to be Newark's best barber, and followed him from his former GIG in Fremont. Johnny not only knows how to cut hair, but he is personable, fun, and respectful of all his clients. I had never been to Jacki's before, but she's very nice and it's a wonderful shop. If you are nearby in Newark, and looking for not only a great barber shop run by a nice person like Jacki... or a great barber like Johnny... You, my friend, have found your place. Now stop reading this review and go over there and ask for Johnny and tell him Jason sent you. And say hi to Jacki is you see her, and tell her Jason said to say hi.
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A very different Mexican experience. When you think Mexican... you might think Chevy's or Taco Bell. This is "high end" Mexican food, and more Spanish in its flavors and offerings. I had Carnitas and we shared delicious taco appetizers. The atmosphere was small and intimate, and made a great place for a small group. Highly recommended if you love Mexican but are looking for something different than your "traditional" Mexican food.
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Wonderful, friendly, up-to-date hotel in downtown Baltimore, MD. The bed was heaven on earth, flat screen TV was brilliant, Internet WiFi was as fast as can be desired... Home away from home? Even better - I was on the 32nd floor with a wonderful view of historic Baltimore. Free breakfast. Helpful / friendly staff. Everything was perfect. I really enjoyed my short (business) stay and would definitely stay here again on my next trip to Baltimore. This hotel is just across the street from Mercy Medical center, and convenient to most downtown locations.
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We do call this whole paycheck for a reason. Beautifully arranged vegetables greet you as you enter the store, and then head straight for the deli, buffet, pizza restaurant and other totally processed "healthy" foods. My opinion of Whole Foods is it is really more a food museum than a true grocery store; the best thing to come here for is the made-to-order foods, and very high quality meats. Did I remember to say whole paycheck? I am glad it's here in Fremont, but I can't afford to shop here on a regular basis. So Safeway or Trader Joe's for day-to-day stuff, and Whole Foods for treats and specialty items. Amazingly, there is enough parking.
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Only in Texas! I am a lover of all things that involve a) ideas, b) religion, and c) Texas. So while we were cruising down Interestate 40, we saw the billboard for Texas Catholic Superstore and YES we had to stop! It's a huge store, obviously very religious. Great section of books - anything and everything you ever wanted to learn about Catholicism from a Catholic perspective. The proprietor was very friendly and informed but not at all pushy. Religious art, jewelry, icons. Plus clean restrooms. Great fun, interesting stop off the Interstate. Or if you live in the area and are looking for a superstore of books, iconography and everything Catholic - this is the place.
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