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A reminder that it's not too late to book - or sign up for the Saga Melée - and we could even find space for a demo game or two still! - September 4th, Peterborough UK!

Question: are there Sketchup plugins that will work on a Mac for doing bump maps for 3D surface texture that will then export properly to a .STL for printing? (I have the STL exporter).

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Thinking aloud - comments welcome....

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Come October, I should be getting my half-yearly bonus. Since a) I'm pretty much sold on 3D printing (I blame +Pat G :D ) and b) my son is starting his first of two years of GCSE Product Design, I think The Time Has Come to blow some of it on a 3D Printer.

Which leads to the obvious question - what do folks recommend?

- Mac AND PC drivers
- will print PLA
- enclosed (wife is very picky about smells, even PLA I suspect)
- big enough table for 28mm vehicles

- WiFI

Budget - up to £1K, I guess. Less would be nice :D

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